Every one of us is unique, every one born different.
Yet some of us have something in common;
the inexplicable urge to explore, to know what’s around the next corner. 
If curiosity drives you forward and you thrive on the unknown 
you might belong to the few who possess the adventure gene, 7R.

Do you belong?

7R is short for DRD4-7R, a gene associated with the hunger to explore. Also known as the “adventure gene,” some scientist claim people with this gene are more likely to embrace change and novelty, explore new places or take risks. They tend to have the curiosity needed to progress in different facets of life.

Suunto Kailash

Some adventures are so great they transcend reality. Journeys like these spark the imagination of the greatest explorers, such as Spanish adventurer Kilian Jornet. The mystery that surrounds Mount Kailash, a holy Tibetan peak that has never been climbed, feeds his progressive spirit. It symbolizes the drive of people who constantly push boundaries. Handmade in Finland, the Suunto Kailash is built and designed for all your travels and adventures.

“Mount Kailash is forbidden to climb yet it’s the mountain with probably the most energy around it and inspires in every alpinist the spirit of adventure.”

Kilian Jornet

Suunto Kailash -
Adventure starts here

  • GPS and Adventure Timeline™
  • Space grade titanium and sapphire crystal 
  • Made in Finland
  • Smart mobile connection with iPhone

Suunto Kailash - Key features

Made in Finland

Design purity, reliability and innovation create a seamless blend that is Suunto Kailash. Handmade in Finland, Suunto Kailash continues Suunto’s proud tradition of creating precision instruments for adventurers since 1936.

Space grade titanium bezel

Titanium Grade 5 is used for advanced applications in aerospace and medicine. The precision-machined titanium bezels of Suunto Kailash are fully corrosion resistant and ready to weather all your adventures.

Sapphire crystal glass

Precision cut and polished sapphire crystal forms the watch glass. With near diamond-like hardness, sapphire crystal glass is highly scratch resistant, adding to the robustness of Suunto Kailash watches.

Lightweight composite case

A glass fiber composite is the deliberate choice for Suunto Kailash watch cases. Structurally optimized to reduce weight and maximize strength, the case design showcases a fusion of modernity and functionality.

Comfortable strap

Soft silicone straps complete the Suunto Kailash watches with a smooth, comfortable fit and modern design, making the watch lightweight on your wrist. The durable straps are tested against fading in ultra-violet light.

Multifunctional package

Each Suunto Kailash comes in a modern, weatherproof container made of black anodized aluminum. Use it to store your watch or keep other valuables well protected during your travels.

The Suunto 7R App

The Suunto 7R App for iPhone captures and visualizes your travels on the Adventure Timeline™ and allows you to easily share them with friends. Pair the 7R App with your Suunto Kailash to get notifications on your watch and a more visual timeline of your travels shown on the phone.

Download the app from the App Store. 

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7R App for iPhone


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