Upcoming updates for Suunto Spartan and Suunto Movescount

The Suunto Spartan solution will continue to improve with regular software updates this year and continuing into 2017. We have modified the development roadmap based on feedback received via the "Spartan gets stronger" survey. We will first complement the functionality promised in the original scope of the Spartan solution, and then continue subsequently to further enhance the products based on user feedback.

The SuuntoLink application automatically notifies you as soon as updates are available whenever you connect the watch to your computer via the USB cable.

1st March - New customization options for sport modes, graphs for HR, altitude and speed, and POI navigation

New options for Sport Mode Customizations

  • now utilize up to 7 data fields per screen
  • new customizations available (i.e. 10s power, 30s power)
  • pool swimming: now customize your pool length

Graphs in factory sport modes (activity and summary) for Speed, HR and Altitude

Identify and save Points of Interest in Navigation view. (Phase 1 of POI functionality, Phase 2: in exercise)

New visualization to see and sync available PODs at exercise

Foot POD auto-calibration

New Daily (24/7) features

  • Added active & metabolic energy resources to show energy consumption from exercise & step count
  • Added daily total calorie consumption in addition to active calories
  • Weekly summary (+daily average) for energy consumption


  • More accurate HR measurement
  • Support empty fields in sport mode views
  • Freeze altitude when watch is immobile
  • Most consistent HR tracking (reduction in examples of HR drop-outs)
  • Positive sport mode screens (white background)
  • Airplane mode now more clearly found in connectivity menu in watch

In development

  • Interval training support
  • POI navigation in exercise
  • Altitude navigation
  • Daily (24/7) activity insights on Suunto


GPS performance update:

New Features:
New sport mode option for using GLONASS with GPS when used in BEST accuracy setting

New GPS firmware implemented to improve tracking accuracy

Bug Fixes:
Fixed watch sync problem that caused the exercise start to freeze


New Features:

Sport mode customization is being delivered in phases and we want you to know exactly what is coming in the first delivery and how to get the most out of this functionality. Please follow the steps below for the smoothest possible update process.

Step 1. Update SuuntoLink:
1. Do not connect your watch to your computer until you’ve updated SuuntoLink.
2. Open SuuntoLink software on your computer.
3. SuuntoLink will prompt for an update. Click ‘update’. Confirm that your SuuntoLink version is 2.1.50 or later. (To see you SuuntoLink version number, choose ‘About’ in SuuntoLink settings.)

Step 2. Update your Suunto Spartan:
1. Connect your Suunto Spartan Ultra or Spartan Sport to your computer with the provided USB cable.
2. SuuntoLink opens automatically after the watch has been connected.
3. SuuntoLink will prompt for a software update.
Note: If you have unsynchronized Moves in your watch, synchronize those first and then install the update.

Details of the first phase of sport mode customization:

  • You can create and customize new sport modes from Suunto watches (when logged in)
    • Ensure the software version of your Suunto Spartan Ultra and Suunto Spartan Sport is (1.6.10)
    • The new modes can be created for any of the activities available in Suunto Movescount. Several new modes can be created for each activity. You can create up to 19 sport modes that you can sync to your Spartan at one time.
    • Each new customized sport mode can be named and when synced, will show up on the sport mode ‘short-list’ on the watch when you begin your exercise on your Spartan.
  •  The modes that you can create have following capabilities:
    • There are three displays to modify: 4 fields, 5 fields and 3 column lap table. Currently there is no possibility to add or delete displays. If the sport mode has GPS in use, there is additionally automatically the breadcrumb display shown in exercise.
    • Advanced settings can be modified for the customized modes as well as the standard Suunto modes.
    • 30+ variables are available for customized displays. There are also new variables not currently available in standard Suunto modes. (altitude, EPOC, PTE, temperature and time of day).

Additional features in the update:

Altitude and barometric trends in Suunto Spartan Ultra
Track altitude changes and keep up with weather changes in daily view.

  • View planned moves from Suunto Movescount on your Spartan
  • View activity-specific summary from top 4 activities in the past 30 days
  • Set targets for activity steps and calories on your Spartan


  • Activity calories show active calories instead of total calories. Base consumption calories are visible in target-setting screen
  • Spartan Ultra: GPS altitude in speeds over 300km/h to show altitude in airplanes with pressured cabins
  • You will now receive a warning if airplane mode is active when trying to sync with Suunto Movescount or pair a pod.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the stuck in training mode problem
  • Added missing title to Czech language selection screen
  • Remove additional line changes from notifications in Asian languages
  • Lap popup always closes after 8 secs
  • Time format of alarm clock is now aligned with 24-hour setting
  • Fixed widths and positions to fit "MAX" prefix in lap window
  • Autopause not triggered anymore if GPS is lost
  • Fixed exercise startup crash when target is defined
  • French translation of "standby backlight" fixed
  • Running Interval mode lap popup duration not zero anymore
  • Cycling power pod now works together with other pods

Suunto Movescount update release - new features

  • Support for Spartan sport mode customization


Progress Tool on Suunto Movescount
With this update, we will be provide you with a unique approach to answering the burning question,"Am I getting better?" The Progress Tool includes 7 sports and over 100 metrics for tracking or long-term progress.

  • The Progress Tool provides trends for running, cycling, mountain biking, swimming, open water swimming, trail running and triathlon
  • Each sport has 4-20 metrics for following progress over a selected timeframe
  • Metrics are analyzed automatically, making it easy to follow, for example, your 20-min FTP test in cycling or weekly long runs
  • Progress can be viewed at selected intensity level by using heart rate based filtering

Personal bests on Suunto Movescount
The personal bests will help you to answer to the question, "How good am I?" They show how you compare to your age group.

  • Personal Bests are shown for running, cycling, mountain biking, swimming, open water swimming, trail running and triathlon
  • Personal Bests are comparisons with your age group, presented in levels and percent
  • Personal Bests can be viewed for the current year or all time

10th November update: GPS enhancements, improved HR tracking consistency, and enhanced sports experience

Spartan Ultra & Spartan Sport watch firmware release 1.4.6


  • A fix to GPS signal filtering, reducing the number of cases with large location offsets in GPS tracking experienced by some users.
  • Move data compressed to fit show more workouts in logbook on watch
  • Improved quality of running cadence measured from wrist by removing unreal spikes and drops
  • Fixes made to avoid unnecessary watch resets during firmware update
  • Improved the way Korean, Japanes and Chinese (China ed.) notifications are shown

New features

  • Autopause feature pauses the exercise when speed is close to zero. This feature can be found in exercise options in the watch, or in sport mode setting in
  • Training load duration is now shown more accurately, using one minute resolution.
  • New week summary view for steps on left side of daily activity view

Bug fixes

  • More consistent HR tracking during workouts. This fix addresses the occurrence of a flat-line in HR tracking affecting some users.
  • Compass declination setting is no longer lost after syncing with Movescount
  • Recovery time is now calculated accurately
  • Swimming distance differed from Movescount summary
  • Triathlon transition view did not appear
  • Cycling power was not found during triathlon cycling leg
  • Altitude was flat in Triathlon move
  • Altitude not shown any more in outdoor swimming
  • Fixed crash when navigating during running move
  • Stopwatch shows reset button even when stopwatch time count is already zero
  • Move type was not stored in Move
  • Korean, Japanese and Chinese mobile notification character set completed with missing characters.

Known issues

  • Cycling power with intervals multisport causes UI to loose colors until refreshed by scrolling


Community training insights
The community training insights will help you answer the ultimate question,"How do I get better?" For example - what should I do to run my first sub 3-hour marathon, or does my 5 hour half Ironman mean I'll be able to do a sub 11 hour in Ironman?

  • Training Insights are presented for selected targets
  • Targets are available for running, cycling, triathlon, mountain biking and trail running
  • Training Insights are based on thousands of training sessions to show you how others are training to reach goals similar to yours

Target levels are shown in comparable values for other distances, for example, if you set your target for a sub 3-hour marathon, you will see this translated into a 1h24min half-marathon.

We have determined that the amount of relevant data for open water and pool swimming was not sufficient to deliver reliable enough information to be currently included in Community Training Insights. 


The Suunto Movescount App for Android now supports the Suunto Spartan Ultra & Suunto Spartan Sport watches. This update also features improvements to Bluetooth functionality, in-app navigation and notifications reliability. Download the app at Google Play.

The app is tested with the Android devices listed on the contiguous table.


Settings for sports mode can be modified
With this update, you will be able to change the defaults settings of existing sports modes in Suunto Spartan Ultra and Suunto Spartan Sport watches. These settings include for example: GPS accuracy, autolaps, and connected PODs.

This is just the first step for sport mode customization. Later you will be able to create your own custom sport modes and modify data fields and displays to suit your personal needs. The full customization support is planned to be released later this year.

New Sport modes and updates to existing modes
Some new sport modes will be introduced based on customer feedback, such as swimming mode without heart rate and trail running with power. Additionally, we’ll make a few updates to existing modes, such as adding cadence for running modes.

The default sport modes settings can be edited in the Watches section on Suunto Movescount.

The final development and testing of Suunto Spartan compatibility with the Movescount for Android app continues and we'll make a release as soon as we are ready.


New features introduced in the Suunto Spartan Ultra and Suunto Spartan Sport watches

Alarm clock
You can configure the alarm clock to sound once, every day, or on weekdays only.

Battery life indicator during exercise
You can quickly check battery life by tapping on the screen during your exercise. The pop-up shows both current time and battery charge level.

Track feeling to avoid overtraining
After you end a recording, you can define how you felt during the training. Following your feeling trend helps you avoid overtraining. Long-term feeling trends can be viewed in Suunto

Delete logs that you don't want to keep
For those occasions when you start a recording accidently, or you record an activity you don’t want to sync with Suunto, you can delete the log right after stopping the recording. Alternatively, you can delete the log from the logbook by scrolling to the end of the log and tap the delete button.

Read full notification content
Pair Suunto Spartan with your mobile device via the Suunto Movescount App to get notifications on your watch. When a notification pop-up appears, you can swipe up to read the full text.

Watch face color selection
Each watch face style comes in multiple color themes allowing you to customize your watch to fit your own personal style.

Bike Sensor calibration delayed
The possibility to calibrate a Bike Sensor is unfortunately delayed. This will be delivered in the upcoming updates. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Coaching tools and improved navigation on Suunto

Coaching tools in Suunto

  • Movescount members can create a coach profile
  • Coaches can supervise athletes’ training with summary & analysis tools
  • Coaches can create training plans for their athletes with the new weekly planner tool
  • Coaches can discuss privately with their athletes online
  • Athletes’ accounts can be private (or public) and only their coach can access their data
  • Set up your coaching profile from the settings in Suunto

Improved navigation in Suunto
Easily find your annual/monthly statistics and get easy access to community content.

Read the full release note of this software update