Suunto key features

With Suunto, we have the tools to go out into the wild where we belong, because after all, it’s in our nature.


Determine your current elevation, track your ascent or descent and gauge your overall progress on a climb – ideal for mountaineers, skiers and wilderness travelers.

Automatic Alti / Baro switch

Senses movement or lack thereof to automatically switch between altimeter and barometer. When you are climbing, for instance, it records the changes in elevation. And when you stop to rest, it records the changes in the barometric pressure.


Forecast sudden alterations in the weather by keeping a close eye on the air pressure – and take the necessary precautions to help make your journey safe and successful.

Built-To-Last casing

Suunto products with BuiltToLast casing have a robust, one-piece composite case with a stiff top bezel. The composite case and mineral glass display are designed to withstand mechanical shocks and scratching.


Navigate and pinpoint locations to safely find your way through wilderness and whiteout conditions.


Suunto Ambit2 and Ambit2 S offer multisport support; you can easily swap sports and constantly see the relevant data while training. Change the sport on-the-go or create a multisport mode in advance in Movescount and download it to your Ambit2/Ambit2 S – the watch then knows the order of sports you are about to do and adjusts the settings accordingly.


Suunto Ambit2 and Ambit2 S support swimming. Both watches log your swimming data such as distance, duration, pace, stroke count and rate and efficiency. They also recognise your swimming style – a feature that is handy in analysing your swim afterwards in Movescount. Outdoors you can also log your track while you swim in free style.

Biking Power

Suunto Ambit2 and Ambit2 S support biking power measurement.** Knowing the power output helps in estimating your efficiency while biking and save energy during long distances. Ambit2 and Ambit2 S are compatible with ANT+™* power PODs from other vendors.

*ANT+ is a standard for interoperability between ANT+ compliant devices including Suunto Ambit, HR belts, Bike PODs, Bike Cadence PODs, Bike Power PODs, and Foot PODs.

** Requires an external bike power meter

Computer connectivity /

Add a new dimension to your next adventure with the online sports community Make your Move and share it online to showcase your experiences in the wilderness. Upload your Moves directly from your Suunto Ambit with a cable, or manually from other devices.

Depth meter

Use your Suunto Core to calculate your current and maximum depth when on your next snorkeling dive.


Suunto introduces a new, patent-pending technology for speed readings called FusedSpeed™. The speed indication is a unique combination of GPS and acceleration sensor readings. The GPS signal is adaptively filtered based on acceleration, giving a more accurate reading at steady speeds and a quicker response to changes in speed.

Heart Rate

Use the altimeter and heart rate functions together to know how your heart rate reacts to different altitudes, and easily find your ideal hiking pace.

Integrated GPS

The integrated GPS used in wristop devices, such as Suunto Ambit, is based on the SiRFstarIV technology. The receiver has a very high sensitivity. This helps Suunto Ambit to find GPS satellites much quicker and get steadier readings.

FusedAlti™ (for Suunto Ambit2)

FusedAlti™ introduces uniquely accurate altitude measurement combining GPS altitude and barometric altitude. GPS‑based altitude can have temporary errors caused by e.g. bad satellite arrangement, or reflections and signal blocking by obstacles/buildings. The barometric altitude tends to include some offset caused mostly by changing air pressure. FusedAlti smartly corrects the effect of temporary and offset errors in the final altitude reading.

GPS altitude (for Suunto Ambit2 S)

GPS altitude provides altitude readings directly and without calibration from the GPS data.

Peak Training Effect

To better reflect the meaning of the Training Effect measurement, Suunto has renamed the measurement to Peak Training Effect (PTE). PTE indicates the impact of a training session on your maximum aerobic performance and is most accurate with medium and high intensity training. The measurement is relative to your current fitness level. The fitter you are, the harder you have to work to reach a higher PTE.

Recovery time

Recovery time is an estimate in hours of how long your body needs to recuperate after training. The time is based on the duration and intensity of the training session, as well as your overall fatigue. Recovery time accumulates from any exercise where heart rate is recorded. It also accumulates from running, swimming and cycling exercises without measuring heart rate. The time is cumulative across training sessions.

Storm alarm

Activated by a rapid drop in air pressure, the storm alarm lets you know that something unpleasant is fast approaching.

Sunrise / Sunset times

Never run out of daylight with daily sunrise / sunset times in over 400 locations worldwide.

3D Compass

With a conventional electronic compass, you need to hold the compass level to the horizon to get an accurate reading. Suunto’s 3D compasses compensate for tilt, allowing you to get a reading regardless of the angle of your wrist.

Track back

Retrace your current exercise with Track back. Start Track back at any time during your exercise and navigate the same route back to your starting point.