FAQs for Suunto Webshop


Where can I buy Suunto products?
Suunto products can be bought from:

  • Suunto Webshop is available for the following countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and US. To access Suunto products, go to Suunto.com - Products.
  • Suunto retailers and dealers from all over the world. To see the list of authorized Suunto retailers near you, please use our dealer locator.

I bought a Suunto product, how can I be sure that it’s an authentic Suunto product?
When you buy Suunto product from an authorized retailer or from our Webshop will assure you that the product is authentic and will be covered under Suunto warranty.

Which products can I buy from Suunto Webshop?
Currently, you can buy a selection of sports watches, PODs, heart rate belts and numerous accessories (strap, battery kits, etc.).

At the moment, diving products are not available on our Webshop. If you wish to buy these products, please use our dealer locator.

How can I contact Suunto if I have questions?
If this FAQ didn’t answer your questions, you can contact us the following ways:

Our customer support will contact you within 72 hours.


Which paying methods do you accept on Suunto Webshop?
You can pay your orders with credit card: Visa and MasterCard.

When will my card be debited?
The total of your card will be debited when your order has been confirmed.

How can I be sure that your website is secured for online payments?
Our partner Ogone secures the payment system. Check their website for more details.


From where is the shipping sent?
All products are sent from our logistical base that is situated in Belgium.

Which transporter will transport my order?
Currently we are working with DHL for the standard and express shipping.

Is it possible to send my order to a third person or to a different address than the invoicing address?
Yes, the orders are sent to the person and to the address that are on the registered shipping information. You have the possibility to register numerous addresses to your account. You can also have different addresses as shipping address and as invoicing address.

To which areas do you ship?
We ship products to: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and US.

What is the delivery time and costs?
You can choose between standard or express delivery:

  • Standard delivery: within 3 days – 450 kr or free of charge depending on the total of the order.
  • Express delivery: within 24 hours – 90 kr.

Deliveries will be done during workdays from Monday to Friday. If the order is made before 4PM (GMT +1) it will be handled on the same day.

Can I modify my shipping address after my order has been made?
We will do our best to deliver your products as soon as possible. Because of this, we cannot change the shipping address once the order has been made.

Can I choose to have my order to be delivered to a UPS office?
Currently, we suggest to have products delivered only to private addresses.

How can I know that my order has been sent?
When your order has been sent from our office, we will inform you by email. You can also follow your order on your account on www.suunto.com.

How do I use my tracking number?
This number will let you know the status of your order in UPS. You can find your tracking number by going to “my orders”. Choose the order you want to see and click on “follow my order”. Click on “follow the order” on the new window and you will be directed to UPS website.

What happens if I’m not at the delivery address when UPS comes?
If you are absent when UPS comes, UPS will leave you a message to your mailbox. It’s sufficient to contact UPS again for setting a new delivery time.


How can I return a product bought from Suunto Webshop?
If you want to return a product bought from Suunto Webshop, we would like to ask you to contact first our customer support. See question How can I contact Suunto if I have questions?. Our customer support will give you more information about the return process.