When should I calibrate the compass of my Suunto Core?

The compass in Suunto Core automatically calibrates itself as you use it, but it may need to be calibrated manually in the following circumstances:

  • The battery has been changed.
  • The service menu has been accessed.
  • The watch has been near a large amount of metal (e.g. in an airplane).
  • The watch as been near a magnet or a strong electro-magnetic field.
  • The compass has not been used for a long time.

To calibrate the compass, enter compass mode. While hold the watch level, and start slowly rotating it. 3-4 full rotations should normally be enough to calibrate the compass. If the watch has been near a magnet/magnetic field, you may need to rotate it a few more times. Keep rotating compass reading appears.

NOTE: The compass deactivates after 60 seconds. This is a power saving feature. Press the Start/Stop button to reactivate the compass.


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