How to plan your workouts with the new Weekly Planner


How to plan your workouts with the new Weekly Planner

28 September 2016

With the release of the new coaching tools on, we also bring you a weekly planning tool to help guide and track your activity and keep you moving forward.

The weekly planning tool will enable you to strategically build a training plan that will show you a week’s activities at a glance including the type of sport, planned duration, distance and activity type (i.e. long base, intervals or recovery). Any sport mode can be included into the training plan, even on a rest day if stretching or walking is your activity of choice. 

Select 'Plan a Move'

From our new simplified, ready-to-use navigation menu atop any page within Movescount, click on the blue circle with a plus inside, from here select ’Plan a Move’ and it will bring you to the current training week.

Add planned Moves

Weekly plans can be put together to build a full training plan for your next milestone, whether its running your first half-marathon or pushing for a PR in your next Ironman. Under the Moves tab on your profile page you can see these planned moves in grey and you can hover over them to see the details. Click on one of the planned moves and you’ll be brought back to the weekly view where you can edit any detail you need to.

On Suunto Ambit3 these planned moves sync directly to your watch when you connect via Moveslink or Suunto Movescount App, informing you that it's a training day. By pressing the middle button on your Ambit, it will show you the details there as well. Sometimes we all need reminders to stay on track!

Planned Moves functionality works also with Suunto Ambit2 and Suunto Quest. Planned Moves will arrive to Suunto Spartan in late October.


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