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Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR User Guide - 1.10


You can use your Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR to navigate routes. Plan your route in Suunto Movescount and transfer it to your watch with the next sync.

To navigate on a route:

  1. Press the upper right button to open the launcher.
  2. Scroll to Navigation and press the middle button.

    Navigation icon Trainer

  3. Scroll to Routes and press the middle button to open your list of routes.

    Routes list Trainer

  4. Scroll to the route you want to navigate to and press the middle button.

  5. Press the upper right button to start navigating.
  6. Press the upper right button again at any time to stop navigating.

    Route overview Trainer

In the detailed view, zoom in and out by keeping the middle button pressed. Adjust the zoom level with the upper right and lower right buttons.

Route zoom Trainer

While you are in the navigation display, you can press the lower button to open a list of shortcuts. The shortcuts give you quick access to navigation actions such as saving your current location or selecting another route to navigate.

All sport modes with GPS also have a route selection option. See Navigating during exercise.

Altitude navigation

If you are navigating a route that has altitude information, you can also navigate based on ascent and descent using the altitude profile display. While in the main navigation display (where you see your route), press the middle button to switch to the altitude profile display.

The altitude profile display shows you the following information:

  • top: your current altitude
  • center: altitude profile showing your current position
  • bottom: remaining ascent or descent (press the upper left button to change views)

Altitude navigation Trainer

If you stray too far off from the route while using altitude navigation, your watch will give you an Off route message in the altitude profile display. If you see this message, scroll to the route navigation display to get back on track before continuing with altitude navigation.