Suunto Core -
The Outdoor Watch

Designed to be your reliable companion wherever you go, the essence of the great outdoors is distilled into Suunto Core. Combining an altimeter, barometer and a compass with weather information, it will bring out the explorer in you.

The ABC of Outdoors

Suunto Core Premium

Suunto Core Premium combines modern design with the essential outdoor functions. Choose rigid natural stainless steel with sapphire crystal glass for added durability, or the elegant aluminum cases for less weight on the wrist.

Suunto Core Classic

Suunto Core Classic packs the key outdoor features in robust construction with a comfortable elastomer strap. Combining an altimeter, barometer and compass with weather information, Suunto Core Classic is the essential tool for your adventures.

Suunto Core Crush

Dynamic by design, powered by adrenaline. Choose a color that reflects your style and wrap an altimeter, barometer and a compass around your wrist with the soft silicone strap of Suunto Core Crush. It is the outdoor watch packed with spirit of adventure.

Spot Suunto

Spot Suunto on the web and win a new Suunto Core

Suunto watches are used by adventurers and athletes around the world, but we also spot them every once in a while on TV or in the movies, worn by celebrities from other fields than sports. Have you spotted someone interesting wearing a Suunto? Or perhaps it’s you who have taken an amazing shot of yourself wearing your Suunto that you would like to share with the world?

Find pictures about Suunto around the web and pin them to Pinterest with hashtag #SuuntoSpotted. We will draw three spotters and give each a brand new Suunto Core Graphite Crush. Winners will be contacted through their Pinterest account for instructions to claim the prize. The Spot Suunto event lasts from May 1st to May 15th, 2015. Competition terms can be found here.

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