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Emelie Forsberg's illustrated 2014 goals!


Emelie Forsberg's illustrated 2014 goals!

6 June 2014

There are some athletes who have printed spreadsheets and detailed training schedules mapped out months in advance. Then there are athletes like Emelie Forsberg, who's more a 'back-of-an-envelope' kind of a girl. She trains on feeling and goes for races for the experience as much as the competition.

Emelie's Illustrated Calendar 2014

Emelie's 2014 ambitions are suprisingly modest: “I just want to keep it together – that's an important goal,” she says.

“To realise your limits and what you can do and not push yourself too hard – that is always going to be my biggest goal. It's a big goal, maybe not that interesting but that's who I am.”

That's not to say she doesn't have some big plans for the year. But we'll let her artwork do the talking... 

Emelie Forsberg

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