Suunto Traverse software update 2.0.12, September 2016

Suunto Traverse and Traverse Alpha software update 2.0.12, September 2016

The 2.0.12 software update focuses on bug fixes and there are no new features introduced. Issues fixed include:

POI related synchronization failure:

Certain POI types in certain languages prevented synchronizing the watch with Suunto Movescount. If you are experiencing the problem in your Suunto Traverse or Traverse Alpha and you have Moves in your device’s logbook that you have been unable to synchronize, please follow these instructions to avoid losing your Moves:

  1. Before updating the Traverse software, ensure that your Moveslink2 application is updated to the latest version (version 1.4.3 or later)
  2. Connect your watch and synchronize with Suunto Movescount
  3. Update the software in your Traverse when Moveslink2 notifies that there’s an update available

Please note that after the update you will see the names of the POIs that were causing problems changed to plain date & time.

  • In addition to the POI fix, the release contains improvements to step counter, fix to Findback feature activation in certain languages and a solution to pusher lock not going off in certain situations
  • Known issues: there are localization issues in certain languages that cause some POI type names being available only in the English language