Suunto EON Steel User Guide - 1.6

Standby and deep sleep

Standby and deep sleep are two functions that are designed to prolong battery life. Standby is an adjustable mode that turns off the screen after a set amount of time if Suunto EON Steel is not used.

To adjust the standby time:

  1. Keep the middle button pressed to enter the menu.
  2. Browse to General » Device settings » Standby.
  3. Press the middle button to enter Standby.
  4. Scroll up/down to select the desired standby time in minutes.
  5. Press the middle button to save changes and return to the Device settings menu.
  6. Keep the middle button pressed to exit.

Deep sleep

Deep sleep is a function that prolongs battery life when Suunto EON Steel has not been used for some time. Deep sleep is activated when two days have passed since:

  • No buttons have been pressed
  • Suunto EON Steel has been attached to PC/charger
  • Dive calculation has ended

Suunto EON Steel wakes up when it is connected to a PC/charger, when a button is pressed, or when the water contact gets wet.