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Relive and share your best Movescount Moves with Suunto Movies, which are animated videos of your adventures. Here’s a popular example, Kilian Jornet’s speed record on Aconcagua:

To create an animated Suunto Movie, you will need an account in Movescount, Suunto Movescount App and an exercise tracked either with a Suunto GPS watch (like the Ambit3 Peak or Ambit3 Sport) or the App itself. Currently the App is available for iPhone. An Android Lollipop version of the App will be available in March.

To create a Suunto Movie, open the App on your phone and choose any of your Moves that has a GPS track. You can create Movies out of your old adventures as well.

  1. Open your Suunto Movescount App and choose a desired Move.
  2. Press “Suunto Movie"
  3. Press “Share”

Suunto Movescount App getting ready to share or save the Movie

While your iPhone gets ready to share (or save) your Movie, it replays it. Sit back and enjoy the premier of your show!


When the movie is ready for sharing, you can choose if you wish to add it to the related Movescount Move in Movescount or share it as a message (iMessage or SMS) or in Facebook. You can also save it on your iPhone.

YouTube integration enables adding Movies to Movescount Moves. This makes adding the Movies straightforward and also gives you the option to treat the video as any other YouTube video. You can easily share just the video or, for example, embed it on your own site. On YouTube’s Suunto Movie Channel you can browse videos created by other Movescount App users as well.

The easiest way to find your own Movie on YouTube (or to get a direct link or an embed code for it) is to find the related Move on Movescount and click on the link symbol on the top right corner of the video player (see image below).

A Suunto Movie in Movescount

If you can’t see your Movie in Movescount, just browse the images you have added to that Move. The Movie and the images are both under the “Media” title.


You can enhance your Suunto Movies by adding pictures to them. All pictures that are included in the Move before creating the Movie will be shown on the video.

Use your phone to take the pictures and add the images to the Move by pressing the big + symbol. If you took the images using the App's camera feature, there is no need to add the images. They are already there.

The timing of the images in the Movie is determined by the picture’s time stamp. The time stamp and the times on the GPS track are in sync and – voilà – the pictures will appear at just the right spots on your route. (If the picture’s time stamp does not match the one of the track, the image will be shown either in the beginning or the end of the Movie, depending on the time attached to the picture. 

And remember, horizontal pictures work best as they are in the same format as the video.


The size of your Suunto Movie is determined by the device you use to create it. For example with an iPhone 5 the Movie’s resolution will be 1136 pixels by 640 pixels, the same as the device’s screen resolution.

You will get the full size version when you save it on your iPhone or share it as a message. For Movescount and Facebook sharing the Movie is downsized.

Feel free to play with the video file and edit it as you like, it’s all yours. Enjoy! 


Visit Suunto Movie Channel on YouTube

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