14 november 2012

New features for Suunto D-Series dive computers

Suunto has introduced a firmware update that brings various new features to the Suunto D9tx, D6i and D4i.

Suunto, the world’s leading dive computer brand, has introduced a firmware update that brings various new features to the Suunto D9tx, D6i and D4i.

Already known for their stylish design and great functionality, Suunto's D-Series dive computers are to benefit from several new features to make them even more user-friendly and attractive whether you're an experienced technical diver, freediver or an adventurous spirit new to the diving world.

The new features include:

All models:

  • Apnea Timer feature for freedivers enabling interval training for static apnea
  • Dive off mode
  • Air Time on/off setting
  • Improved time alarm modes: Off / Once / Weekdays / Everyday

Suunto D9tx:

  • Freedive mode
  • Air Time to mixed gas dive mode

Suunto D6i:

  • Configure up to three gases instead of two

Pia Talja, Product Manager for Suunto says: “Suunto has worked for many years with the world's best freediver William Trubridge and AIDA; the Worldwide Federation for breath-hold diving and is committed to offering features that best meet the needs of today's freedivers in all Suunto D-Series models. Among scuba divers the Suunto D6i is a tremendous success, and we wanted to make it even more relevant to advanced divers by adding one more gas."

Record-breaking freediver and Suunto Ambassador William Trubridge says: “Being able to turn dive mode on and off is invaluable for when I'm swimming or snorkeling and don't want to log a lot of shallow dives. The Apnea Timer is also a brilliant piece of software that allows me to conduct freediving training tables from my wrist, or coach someone who is doing the same. With its intuitive software, pinpoint accuracy, clear display, sturdy design and numerous alarm functions the D6i is far and away the best gauge for freediving on the market."

The firmware update is also available to existing Suunto D9tx, D6i and D4i owners via Authorized Suunto Service Centers. Please contact your local Suunto dealer for more information on the update and Shipping and Handling fees.

Om Suunto

Suunto grundades 1936 av Tuomas Vohlonen, finsk orienterare och uppfinnare av den vätskefyllda fältkompassen. Sedan dess har Suunto varit banbrytande i utformning och innovation av dykdatorer, instrument och träningsklockor som används av äventyrare över hela världen. Från höga berg till djupa hav inspirerar Suunto friluftsäventyrare till nya erövringar – både fysiskt och mentalt.

Suuntos huvudkontor och tillverkning finns i Vantaa i Finland. Suunto har fler än 400 anställda över hela världen och produkterna säljs i över 100 länder. Företaget ingår i koncernen Amer Sports Corporation tillsammans med Salomon, Arc'teryx, Atomic, Wilson, Precor och Mavic.

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