100 days of sweat

100 days of sweat

19 september 2017

Join us in celebrating Finland’s 100 years of independence with 100 Days of Sweat: Get active and track your training with your Suunto. The cumulative training time in Movescount will reveal us facts about Finns and Finland. How many hours a week do the Finns spend in saunas? Or how much time is spent drinking coffee in the most coffee drinking nation? Time to find out!

Early on in the 100 Days of Sweat campaign, Movescount members logged more than a million hours of Moves. That’s more than Finland’s 100 years – or 876000 hours – of independence!


A few weeks later, at around three million hours, we collectively reached the time it has taken Finnish athletes to win the country’s 303 Summer Olympics medals. It is said that it takes 10.000 hours of training to be on top of a certain sport. And hey, Finland has won more Olympic gold medals per capita than any other nation.


Another milestone was reached some 700.000 hours later: Finns drink more coffee than any other nation. That means spending 3,75 million hours drinking coffee – every week!


And what about sauna – another Finnish strength? The Finns spend almost 5,5 million hours a week sweating and relaxing in the heat of their saunas.


To participate in 100 Days of Sweat, all you have to do is upload your moves to Movescount. Every Move during the last 100 days of the year counts towards the total.


Stay tuned and follow the progress!



Main image ©Petri Kovalainen/Suunto