Tutorial Tuesday Finding GPS Signal

Tutorial Tuesday: Find a GPS signal more quickly


Tutorial Tuesday: Find a GPS signal more quickly

12 augusti 2014

Ever got frustrated waiting for your Suunto Ambit to pick up a satellite signal? Did you know there's a way to speed it up? To receive a GPS signal your Suunto Ambit needs to locate satellites that are orbiting the Earth. The better the watch knows where the satellites are located, the quicker it will receive the signal.

Since the satellites are moving constantly, the new locations of the satellites need to be synced to your watch. Simply put, to find the satellites quicker, sync your Ambit regularly with Movescount.

Movescount syncs the latest, seven-day satellite orbit forecast to your watch so it knows where to look. If you want to optimize and find the signal quickly, sync the watch as close to your Move as possible.

The data that is synced to your watch is global. So even if you sync your watch in New York and start your run 12 hours later in Chamonix, there is no need to re-sync the Ambit.

Image: © Bruno Long

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