22 一月 2014

Under The Pole

© Ghislain Bardout / Under The PoleA team of French explorers has set sail on an ambitious scientific expedition to chart the western coastline of Greenland from both above and below the waterline. The group set off from Concarneau, France on January 16th and will spend the next 22 months on the expedition.

The first phase will see them sailing up the west coast of Greenland, carrying out detailed surveys before wintering on the boat in the Nares Strait. A third phase, from March to June next year, will the see them undertake a 600 km adventure as they cross northern Greenland with Inuit and dogs. “It's an amazing dream come true,” says expedition leader Ghislain Bardout.

© Benoit Poyelle / Under The PoleThe expedition website reveals the many goals of the expedition: “Under The Pole is a series of submarine polar expeditions aiming at exploring the hidden face of Arctic polar regions. We will explore the coastal ice sheet, open sea ice sheet, glacier fronts, icy fjords and the continental shelf between the polar circle and the north of Greenland.”

Suunto is pleased to be an expedition partner and is supplying the team with a range of products. The scientific aims of the expedition include listing the polar submarine biodiversity during a complete season to a depth of 130 m and studying the relations between atmosphere, ice and the ocean.

Stay tuned for updates from the team.© Ghislain Bardout / Under The Pole

All images © Emmanuelle Périé / Under The Pole

关于 Suunto

Suunto 诞生于 1936 年,当时芬兰的定向工程师 Tuomas Vohlonen 发明了可批量生产充液指南针的方法。 从那之后,Suunto 就成为运动手表、潜水电脑和运动装备方面的设计和创新领军者,受到全球探险爱好者的好评。从最高山峰到最深海洋, Suunto 从身体到精神上为户外探险家提供装备,帮助他们征服新的领域。

Suunto 的总部和制造工厂位于芬兰范塔市。Suunto 在全球拥有超过 400 名员工,产品销往 100 多个国家和地区。公司隶属于 Amer Sports Corporation,同时还拥有其他姐妹品牌,例如 Salomon、Arc'teryx、Atomic、Wilson、Precor 和 Mavic。

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