A Swedish crown for the queen of mountain running


A Swedish crown for the queen of mountain running

8 七月 2014

In case anyone was hoping Emelie Forsberg might take it easy after being crowned the 2014 Skyrunning ultra world champion, they're going to disappointed. Fresh from her win at the Mt Blanc 80 km race, Emelie returned home to catch up with some friends. But then she thought going for a run up Kebnekaise, Sweden's highest mountain would be a fun addition to the itinerary.

It will surprise no one that she returned from the summit having broken the overall (men's) record. The speed of her unbelievable ascent can be seen right here on her Movescount page.

“I didn't have it in mind to go for the record when I decided to go visit my friends,” she tells us. “But the idea came and so I took off. It's a super nice route with some scrambling and climbing and it was such a beautiful morning. It was so great to share the start and finish with my friends!”

“It feels pretty cool to have the overall record time – on Sweden´s highest mountain too!” she adds.

The route was 14 km and featured 1,400 m of ascent. The previous record was 2h 17m. To see Emelie's route, stats and how she did it, check out her Movescount page.

Top image shows the view of the Laddtjovagge valley, featuring Sinngitjokka, Tuolpagorni, Vierramvare and the foot of Kebnekaise. ©AlexandreBuisse

Running image from file: ©JordoCanameras



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