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Suunto 3/Suunto 3 Fitness User Guide


Suunto 3/Suunto 3 Fitness uses the following icons:

icon-lockButton lock
icon caloriesCalories
icon chargingCharging
icon distanceDistance
Icon DoNotDisturbDo Not Disturb
icon durationDuration
icon EPOCEPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption)
icon failureFailure
icon fitness levelFitness level
icon flat timeFlat time
icon GPS acquiredConnected GPS acquired
Icon NoConnectedGPSConnected GPS not available
icon heart rateHeart rate
icon HR acquiredHR signal from watch acquired
HR-belt-IconHR signal from HR sensor acquired
icon incoming callIncoming call
icon logbookLogbook
icon low batteryLow battery
icon notificationMessage/notification
icon missed callMissed call
icon pacePace/speed
Planned Move S3FPlanned move
icon POD acquiredPOD signal acquired
icon PTEPeak Training Effect
icon recovery timeRecovery time
icon stepsSteps
icon stopwatchStopwatch
icon stroke rateStroke rate (swimming)
icon successSuccess
icon syncingSyncing
icon settings SpartanSettings

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