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Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR Οδηγός Χρήσης - 2.5

Table of Content

?ata??af? µ?a? ?s??s??

?ata??af? µ?a? ?s??s??

??t?? t?? pa?a???????s?? d?ast????t?t?? 24/7, µp??e?te ?a ???s?µ?p??e?te t? ????? sa? ??a p??p???se?? ? ???e? d?ast????t?ta? ?ts? ?ste ?a ??ete ?ept?µe?? st???e?a ?a? ?a pa?a??????e?te t?? p???d? sa?.

G?a t?? ?ata??af? µ?a? ?s??s??:

  1. ??p??et?ste t?? a?s??t??a ?a?d?a??? pa?µ?? (p??a??et???).
  2. ?at?ste t? ep??? de?? ???µp? ??a ?a a????ete t?? a????? ?????.
  3. ???te ????s? p??? t? e?????d?? ?s??s?? ?a? ep????te pat??ta? t? µesa?? ???µp?.

    ??????d?? ?s??s?? Spartan Trainer

  4. ?at?ste t? ep??? de?? ? t? ??t? de?? ???µp? ??a ?a pe??????e?te st?? ?e?t?????e? ????s?? ?a? pat?ste t? µesa?? ???µp? ??a ?a ep????ete e?e??? p?? ep???µe?te ?a ???s?µ?p???sete.

  5. ???? ap? t?? ??de??? e?????s??, eµfa?????ta? ???sµ??a e?????d?a, a?????a µe t? t? ???s?µ?p??e?te µe t? ?e?t?????a ????s?? (?p?? e??a? ? ?a?d?a??? pa?µ??, t? GPS ?a? t? POD p?d???). ??t? a?aß?sß????? µe ???? ???µa ?at? t?? a?a??t?s? ?a? ?????ta? p??s??a µ???? e?t?p?ste? s?µa. ?p??e?te ?a pe??µ??ete µ???? ???e e?????d?? ?a ???e? p??s??? ? ?a ?e????sete t?? ?ata??af? ?p?te ep???µe?te pat??ta? t? µesa?? ???µp?.

    ??a??? ?s??s??

  6. ?at? t? d????e?a t?? ?ata??af??, µp??e?te ?a ???ete e?a??a?? µeta?? ?????? pat??ta? t? µesa?? ???µp?.

  7. ?at?ste t? p??? de??? ???µp? ??a ?a d?a???ete t?? ?ata??af?. ??a???te ?a? ap????e?ste µe t? ??t? de?? ???µp? ? s??e??ste µe t? ep??? de?? ???µp?.

    ??a??p? ?ata??af??

?? ? ?e?t?????a ????s?? p?? ep????ate ??e? ep??????, ?p?? ? ???µ?s? ??p???? st???? d????e?a?, µp??e?te ?a t?? p??sa?µ?sete p??? a???sete t?? ?ata??af? pat??ta? t? ??t? de?? ???µp?. ?p??e?te ep?s?? ?a p??sa?µ??ete t?? ep?????? t?? ?e?t??????? ????s?? pat??ta? pa?atetaµ??a t? µesa?? ???µp?.

?p?????? ?s??s??2

?? ???s?µ?p??e?te µ?a ?e?t?????a p???ap??? a???µ?t??, ???te e?a??a?? a???µ?t?? pat??ta? pa?atetaµ??a t? p??? de?? ???µp?.

?et? t? d?a??p? t?? ?ata??af??, ?a e??t??e?te p?? a?s???este. ?p??e?te ?a apa?t?sete st?? e??t?s? ? ?a t?? pa?aß???ete (de?te (Feeling). St? s????e?a, ?aµß??ete µ?a pe?????? t?? d?ast????t?ta? st?? ?p??a µp??e?te ?a pe??????e?te µ?s? t?? p??? ? ??t? de???? ???µp???

Se pe??pt?s? p?? ???ate µ?a ?ata??af? p?? de? ep???µe?te ?a ??at?sete, µp??e?te ?a d?a????ete t? a??e?? ?ata??af?? ?????ta? ????s? p??? ta ??t? st? Delete (??a??af?) ?a? ep?ßeßa??ste µe t? µesa?? ???µp?. ?p??e?te ep?s?? ?a d?a????ete a??e?a ?ata??af?? ?at? t?? ?d?? t??p? ap? t? ß?ß??? ?ata??af??.

??a??af? a??e??? ?ata??af?? Trainer

??????s? ?at? t? d????e?a t?? ?s??s??

?p??e?te ?a p??????e?te se µ?a d?ad??µ? ? ??a POI e?? p?a?µat?p??e?te ?ata??af? µ?a? ?s??s??.

? ?e?t?????a ????s?? p?? ???s?µ?p??e?te p??pe? ?a ??e? e?e???p???µ??? t? GPS ??a ?a ??e? d??at?t?ta p??sßas?? st?? ep?????? p?????s??. ?? ? a???ße?a GPS t?? ?e?t?????a? ????s?? e??a? OK ? Good (?a??), ?ta? ep????ete µ?a d?ad??µ? ? ??a POI, ? a???ße?a GPS a????e? se Best (???t?st?).

G?a p?????s? ?at? t? d????e?a t?? ?s??s??:

  1. ??µ??????ste µ?a d?ad??µ? ? ??a POI st? Suunto Movescount ?a? s???????ste t? ????? sa? a? de? t? ??ete ???e? ?d?.
  2. ?p????te µ?a ?e?t?????a ????s?? p?? ???s?µ?p??e? GPS ?a? pat?ste t? ??t? de?? ???µp? ??a ?a a????ete t?? ep??????.
  3. ???te ????s? µ???? t?? ep????? Navigation (??????s?) ?a? pat?ste t? µesa?? ???µp?.
  4. ?e??????e?te st?? ep?????? p?????s?? ?a? ep????te µ?a µe t? µesa?? ???µp?.
  5. ?p????te t? d?ad??µ? ? t? POI p?? ???ete ?a p??????e?te ?a? pat?ste t? µesa?? ???µp?.
  6. ?at?ste t? ep??? de?? ???µp?. ?? ß?µa a?t? sa? p??a??e? p?s? st?? ep?????? t?? ?e?t?????a? ????s??. ???te ????s? p??? ta p??? st?? a????? p??ß??? ?a? ?e????ste t?? ?ata??af? sa? ?a??????.

?at? t? d????e?a t?? ?s??s??, pat?ste t? µesa?? ???µp? ??a ?a ???ete ????s? st?? ????? p?????s?? ?p?? ?a de?te t? d?ad??µ? ? t? POI p?? ep????ate. G?a pe??ss?te?e? p????f???e? s?et??? µe t?? ????? p?????s??, a?at???te st?? e??t?te? ???????e?te se ??p??? POI ?a? ??ad??µ??.

??? ß??s?este se a?t?? t?? ?????, µp??e?te ?a pat?sete t? ??t? ???µp? ??a ?a a????ete t?? ep?????? p?????s?? sa?. ?p? t?? ep?????? p?????s??, µp??e?te, ??a pa??de??µa, ?a ep????ete µ?a d?af??et??? d?ad??µ? ? POI, ?a e????ete t?? s??teta?µ??e? t?? t?????sa? t?p??es?a? sa?, ?a??? ?a? ?a te?µat?sete t?? p?????s? ep??????ta? Breadcrumb (???aµ??? d?ad??µ?).

?p?????? e???????µ?s?? e????e?a? se ?e?t?????a ????s??

G?a ?a pa?ate??ete t? d????e?a t?? µpata??a? e?? ???s?µ?p??e?te ?e?t?????e? ????s?? µe t? GPS, ?a ??ete t? µe?a??te?? ?fe??? e?? p??sa?µ?sete t?? a???ße?a t?? GPS (ß?. ????ße?a GPS ?a? e???????µ?s? e????e?a?). G?a ?a pa?ate??ete pe?a?t??? t? d????e?a t?? µpata??a?, µp??e?te ?a p??sa?µ?sete t?? a??????e? ep?????? e???????µ?s?? e????e?a?:

  • ??????? d??st?µa ??????: ?a??????, ? ????? e??a? p??ta e?e???p???µ??? ?at? t? d????e?a t?? ?s??s?? sa?. ?ta? e?e???p??e?te t? ??????? d??st?µa ??????, ? ????? ape?e???p??e?ta? µet? ap? 10 de?te???epta ??a e???????µ?s? e????e?a? µpata??a?. ?at?ste ?p???d?p?te ???µp? ??a ?a e?e???p???sete ?a?? t?? ?????.

G?a e?e???p???s? t?? ep?????? e???????µ?s?? e????e?a?:

  1. ???? ?e????sete t?? ?ata??af? µ?a? ?s??s??, pat?ste t? ??t? ???µp? ??a ?a a????ete t?? ep?????? t?? ?e?t?????a? a???µ?t??.
  2. ???te ????s? p??? ta ??t? st?? ep????? Power saving (????????µ?s? e????e?a?) ?a? pat?ste t? µesa?? ???µp?.
  3. ???µ?ste t?? ep?????? e???????µ?s?? e????e?a? ?p?? ep???µe?te ?a? pat?ste pa?atetaµ??a t? µesa?? ???µp? ??a ?a e????ete ap? t?? ep?????? e???????µ?s?? e????e?a?.
  4. ???te ????s? p?s? st?? a????? p??ß??? ?a? ?e????ste t?? ?s??s? sa? ?a??????.

?? e??a? e?e???p???µ??? t? ??????? d??st?µa ??????, µp??e?te a??µ? ?a ?aµß??ete e?d?p???se?? se ????t?? s?s?e???, ?a??? ?a? e?d?p???se?? ???? ?a? d???s??. ???a ?pt??? ß????µata, ?p?? t? a?ad??µe?? µ???µa a?t?µat?? pa?s??, de? eµfa?????ta?.