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Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR Οδηγός Χρήσης - 2.5

Table of Content



?? Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR ???s?µ?p??e? ta pa?a??t? e?????d?a:

icon airplane mode?e?t?????a pt?s??
icon altitude???µet??
icon alt diff???µet???? d?af???
icon ascent???ßas?
icon ascent time?????? a??ßas??
icon back??s?, ep?st??f? st? µe???
icon breath rate???µ?? a?ap????
icon-lock??e?d?µa ???µp???
icon cadence???µ??
icon calibrate compass?a?µ???µ?s? (????da)
icon caloriesTe?µ?de?
icon nav location??????sa t?p??es?a (p?????s?)
icon chargingF??t?s?
icon descent?at?ßas?
icon descent time?????? ?at?ßas??
icon distance?p?stas?
icon duration?????e?a
icon estimated VO2??t?µ?µe?? VO2
icon exercise Spartan?s??s?
icon failure?p?t???a
icon flat time?????? ????? µetaß????
icon GPS acquired???? s?µat?? GPS
icon heading?ate????s? (??????s?)
icon heart rate?a?d?a??? pa?µ??
icon HR acquired???? s?µat?? a?s??t??a ?a?d?a??? pa?µ??
icon highest point Spartan?????te?? s?µe??
icon incoming call??se???µe?? ???s?
icon logbook?µe???????
icon low battery?aµ??? ep?ped? µpata??a?
icon lowest point Spartan?aµ???te?? s?µe??
icon notification????µa/e?d?p???s?
icon missed call??ap??t?t? ???s?
icon navigation??????s?
icon no ascents?p??s?a a??ßas??
icon no descentsap??s?a ?at?ßas??
icon off route??t?? d?ad??µ??
icon pace???µ??
icon log planned?????aµµat?sµ??? ????s?
icon POD acquired????e ???? s?µat??-POD
icon powerPOD acquired????e ???? s?µat??-POD ?s????
icon PTE???tat? ap?t??esµa p??p???s??
icon recovery time?????? ap??at?stas??
icon notification update available??at??eta? e??µ???s? ????sµ????
icon steps??µata
icon stopwatch?????µet??
icon stroke rate???µ?? p?????s??/?e???? (????µß?s?)
icon success?p?t???a
icon syncingS???????sµ??
icon settings Spartan???µ?se??
Icon Traning???p???s?