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How can I fix connection problems with my Suunto Traverse (iPhone)?

If you were able to connect your watch and app, but the connection is failing now, the following steps may resolve the problems:
Check if Bluetooth is activated on your mobile phone:
To prolong battery life, some mobile devices deactivate Bluetooth after a period of inactivity. Go to your device settings and make sure Bluetooth is activated.

Reset the connection between your watch and the Movescount App:
9. On your watch, keep [NEXT] pressed to enter the Options menu.
10. Scroll to Connectivity with [LIGHT LOCK] and select with [NEXT].
11. Press [NEXT] to enter the Pair menu and press [NEXT] again to select Mobile App.
12. Select Unpair.
13. In the Suunto Movescount App, tap the watch icon on the top right of the screen.
14. In the watch state view, tap Details in the upper left corner, and then select the Forget button.
15. In your mobile device settings, go to Bluetooth and remove your watch from the list of connected devices by tapping the (i) and then Forget this device.
16. Restart your mobile device (optional).
After this, pair your watch again as if you were connecting for the first time. Syncing and other actions should work as normal once pairing is completed.

Do not re-install the Suunto Movescount App:
If you re-install the app, all Moves pending to be transferred to Suunto Movescount will be lost, even if they are still in the watch. Re-installing the app does not resolve connectivity issues.

Help us improve the connectivity of Traverse watches with Suunto Movescount App:
To further develop our app, we would like to collect information about connection errors. For this purpose, we kindly ask you to send us diagnostic logs from your mobile phone after a connectivity problem has occurred. To send logs, open your Profile in the app, tap on Send Logs, and confirm by tapping with Send Logs.