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Why do I have duplicate Moves in my Suunto app and Sports Tracker account?

Suunto app and Sports Tracker are collaborating to bring you Suunto app. Both apps are connected and share the same community. If you are previously or currently a Sports Tracker user and use the same login credentials for Suunto app as for Sports Tracker, the account is connected to both applications.

Using the same account for Suunto app and Sports Tracker will cause:

  • Moves synced with Suunto app are automatically synced with Sports Tracker.
  • Moves synced with SuuntoLink (cable) to Movescount will be automatically transferred to Sports Tracker, if your accounts are connected.

As a result, moves can appear as duplicates in Sports Tracker and Suunto app.


To avoid duplicate moves:

  • Create a new account for Suunto app with a different email.
  • Remove the connection between Movescount and Sports Tracker in your Movescount.


To remove duplicates:

  • Suunto app: Open the move, tap on Edit in the upper right corner, tap Delete workout.
  • Sports Tracker: Open the workout, tap on Edit in the upper right corner, tap Delete workout.