Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR - ?a?a?t???st??? - FusedSpeed

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR Οδηγός Χρήσης - 2.0

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To FusedSpeed ap?d?de? ?a??te?a ?ta? ??ete a????? ap? ?d?a?te?a e?a?s??te? e?de??e?? a?????s?? t?? ta??t?ta? ?at? t?? p??p???s?, ?p??, ?ta? t???ete se a??µa?? ?daf?? ? ?at? t?? p??p???s? µe d?a?e?µµata. Se pe??pt?s? p?? ??sete p??s????? t? s?µa GPS, ??a pa??de??µa, t? Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR ??e? t? d??at?t?ta ?a s??e??se? ?a eµfa???e? a???ße?? e?de??e?? ta??t?ta? ???? st? ß???e?a e??? ßa?µ???µ?µ???? µet??t? ep?t????s?? GPS.



G?a p?? a???ße?? e?de??e?? µe t? FusedSpeed, ???te ap??? µ?a ??????? µat?? st? s?s?e??, ?p?te e??a? apa?a?t?t?. ?ta? ??at?te t? ????? a????t? µp??st? sa?, ? a???ße?? t?? µe???eta?.

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