Power zones - How do I get started?

Power zones are available for the following sport modes and help you train with the correct power output:


  • Running Power
  • Trail Running Power


  • all Cycling modes
  • all Indoor Cycling modes
  • all Mountain Biking modes

Note: If you have not used the Power or other additional modes of a sport yet, scroll down the sport mode list to Other and press the middle button to see additional sports. Choose the desired sport e.g. Running from the list and select Power or other. Once selected, you will see this mode in the initial sport mode list view.

To use power zones, pair your Suunto watch with a compatible power meter, a third party sensor measuring physical effort in watts and transmitting this information to your watch. 

Power zones work like HR zones with the exception that there is no maximum power value. To set specific power zones for cycling and running, go to Settings > Training > Intensity zones > Advanced zones

To use power zones with real-time guidance during exercise, select Power as Intensity target in the Options menu before you start your running or cycling exercise.

After your workout, sync your move with Suunto Movescount to see more detailed exercise stats.

 View power / pace zone stats in Movescount.

Learn more about how to pair a sensor, how to set power zones and how to use them when exercising in the updated user guide for your product (http://www.suunto.com/Support/User-guides/).



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