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Pioneering exploration has been in our DNA since 1936, when Suunto founder Tuomas Vohlonen invented a way to produce more accurate compasses for his orienteering adventures.

Over the years we have stood on the highest mountains and explored the deepest oceans. We have pushed limits. We have enabled people to turn their adventure dreams into reality.

But adventures aren't only about pushing one’s physical limits in far away places. The search for adventure is really a mindset that all of us share. It’s about new experiences. Big and small. It’s about just getting out there regardless of the size of the challenge.

Come join us for a life of adventure.

Suunto Customizer

Designed by you, hand-built in Finland

Creating your own path – that’s what adventure is all about. So, go on and exercise your creative freedom by customising your very own Suunto watch. Pick colors, select materials and choose the design details. Add a message at the back of the watch to sign your masterpiece. Whether it’s for you, your team or someone special, it’s time to make it personal.

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Suunto World Vertical Week 2019

Suunto World Vertical Week 2019

March 2019

Welcome to the fourth annual Suunto World Vertical Week on March 3–10, 2019.

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Suunto Welcomes Companies to join its Partner Program, a Digital Ecosystem for Sports and Active Life

Suunto is offering a holistic user experience for consumers by partnering with the world’s leading sports and outdoor services.

Suunto and TrainingPeaks join forces to help athletes to reach their goals

TrainingPeaks is now available for Suunto users via Suunto app.

Suunto launches a new easy-to-read dive computer for recreational scuba and freedivers

The watch-sized Suunto D5 is the first Suunto app compatible dive computer with exchangeable straps


Suunto 9 watches are now available in the Suunto Customizer online tool. Choose the colors and materials that you like and create a watch that is as unique as you are.

Suunto and Strava deepen partnership

All Suunto sports watches are compatible with Strava. Strava breaks down data from your watch to deliver deep performance analytics. Share your activities, so your friends and followers can comment and give you kudos. Find your fellow Suunto users in Strava’s Suunto Club and compete with a global community.

Suunto 9 and Suunto 3 Fitness grow with new designs

Suunto releases four new designs within the Suunto 9 collection today, and two new designs to the Suunto 3 Fitness lineup.

How to track activity and recovery with Suunto 3 Fitness

Training alone won’t make you healthy and fit. You also need enough rest to recover. Learn how Suunto 3 Fitness can help you track your daily activity levels and your sleep.


How to use Suunto 3 Fitness adaptive training guidance

Exercising with Suunto 3 Fitness is easy. Based on your personal profile and recorded exercises, the watch creates a 7-day training plan with optimal duration and intensity for each exercise to maintain, improve or boost your aerobic fitness. Read on and learn how to use adaptive training guidance.


Getting started with Suunto 3 Fitness

Got a new Suunto 3 Fitness? Here’s what you’ll need to know to get started smoothly and effectively with your new watch.


Getting started with Suunto Spartan

Here’s what you’ll need to know when your new Suunto Spartan arrives. We want your experience to be a smooth one, so we’ve put together a couple of basic tips to help you get moving!


How to plan your workouts with the new Weekly Planner

Use the weekly planner to help keep your training and development on track. 


How to use Movescount’s coaching tools

Coaching tools on Suunto Movescount bring even more value and enrich your Suunto experience.

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Big data for Vertical Week 2019 is here: find out who came out on top!

Like every year after World Vertical Week, our data analysts have combed the stats collected on Suunto app and presented us with the countries and sports that have climbed the most.

SuuntoRun | SuuntoRide | SuuntoClimb | SuuntoSki

Suunto Multisport Team season kick-off

We brought triathletes, ultrarunners, off-road triathletes, and marathon runners to Southern Utah to launch our North American multisport team.

SuuntoRun | SuuntoTri

Chasing meters: top stories from Vertical Week 2019

Vertical Week is an excuse to scale new heights. Some people take that excuse and run with it, pushing themselves to greater levels. These three people exemplify the spirit of Vertical Week.


SuuntoRun | SuuntoRide | SuuntoClimb | SuuntoSki

Share your passion with Suunto app

Suunto community is a vibrant and diverse group, sharing inspiring stories and experiences every day. Learn more about what is happening around the world and make new connections in Suunto app.

SuuntoRun | SuuntoRide | SuuntoTri | SuuntoSwim | SuuntoClimb | SuuntoSki

William Trubridge swims like a dolphin across wild New Zealand channel

Suunto ambassador and freediving world champion William Trubridge just finished what had never been done before: he swam across New Zealand’s treacherous Cook Strait by swimming underwater like a dolphin.

SuuntoDive | SuuntoSwim

Five tips for multisport couples

In this article presented by TrainingPeaks triathlon coach Jen Rulon gives tips on how to optimize your training with your partner so you can each get the support, camaraderie —and sometimes space— that you need to fulfill your racing goals.


Team Suunto

Our ambassadors

Emelie Forsberg

Skyrunning world champion, mountain lover, gardener and local food enthusiast

Kilian Jornet

Mountain athlete extraordinaire, world champion ski mountaineer and trail runner

Jill Heinerth

Cave diver, underwater explorer, film-maker and dynamic water advocate and educator

Greg Hill

Record-breaking ski mountaineer exploring sustainable adventure and new ways to enjoy the outdoors

Ryan Sandes

Trail running champion racing everywhere, from vast deserts, to the classic 100 milers, and across the Himalayas

Melissa Hauschildt

Indefatigable Ironman champion scooping up a list of first place finishes across the world

William Trubridge

World-renowned freediver, and the first and only person to break the 100 m barrier unassisted

Ida Nilsson

Long-distance trail runner, 3-time winner of the Transvulcania

Mauricio Mendez

The youngest XTERRA World Champion, multiple XTERRA and Ironman 70.3 winner who lives for adventure


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