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When I give thumbs up on the most liked Moves it's not shown?

We try to keep the site as fast as possible we can for you. This means that some pages are stored so that updated information is not fetched from database. This makes the pages load faster. This is called caching. These pages are updated still quit frequently, so if you reload the page later it will show the latest information.


Where can I use my account?

You can registered into Movescount.com with the same account you use on Suunto.com. With this account, you can rate & review any of the Suunto products  on Suunto.com or ask and answer any of the questions related to products. You can also sign in to MySuunto which provides you all the support material for your product. In MySuunto you can contact our support center, track you Suunto.com purchases and send products to repair.

The same account can also be used with Suunto Movescount mobile apps, which you can find from Apple Appstore and Google Play.

Can I register without giving out my email address?

No, you need to use an email address. Movescount uses your email address to verify that you're a person and not a robot. (We don't like robots.) You'll also need it if you ever forget your password or have other trouble with your account. Movescount will never publicly show your email or share your email with third parties unless you have authorized us to do so.


What is overview?

Overview is an overview of your recent Moves and activity in Movescount. With overview you can easily follow other peoples activities, see if you have received any feedback for your Moves.

How does activity feed work?

Activity feed is a real-time feed of things happening in Movescount. You can see your own Moves in activity feed but also the Moves and doings of the members you have chosen to follow. Activity feed allows you and others easily react to others' Moves and see if there are Moves that gain a lot of likes or discussion. Moves that are less than 2 days old pop-up in top of the feed when someone reacts to them making the feed to show most relevant content for you.


I uploaded my exercise data from my watch. Where can I see this data?

When you sign in to Suunto Movescount, the first page you'll see is the overview, where you can see the highlights of all your latest Moves and the training insights. If you have uploaded new Moves from a Suunto watch, you will see those Moves in timeline with the bar showing the duration of your Move. Click the Move to see all the details and to add your notes about what you did.

Can I set a default activity?

Yes. It is possible to set a default activity type for your new manual Moves and Moves you are synchronizing from your Suunto watch. To do so, go to Movescount settings and set the default activity by selecting one of the activity icons. The default activity setting doesn't override the activity used while exercising in Moves coming from Suunto Ambit, Traverse and Quest watches.

I don't have a heart rate monitor. How do I create a Move?

Log in and go to the Me / Moves. Press + icon on top of the day where you wan't to add your Move, fill in your Move details and remember to press Save when you are ready. That's it! On mobile just tap "Add Move" below the calendar. 

I made a mistake when I was creating a Move. How do I edit it?

Open the Move. On top of the Move you'll see an Edit Move button, press that. You're now in edit mode, where you can make your changes and corrections. Hit the Save button and you're done.

I don't want to share one specific Move, how do I make it private?

There's no way to set a single Move as private or public. If you want all your Moves to be private, you can set your account as private in settings, but the drawback is that you won't be able to share your Moves or take part in community activities like groups and events.

How can I delete a Move?

Open the Move using either calendar or table. On top of the Move you can see different functions including TOOLS. Below the tools you can find DELETE option to delete the Move. Ensure that you delete only the Moves you really want to delete, there is no way to get those deleted Moves back.

How can I add pictures to my Move?

Open the Move in which you want to add the picture. Press Edit, now you can drag and drop .jpg or .png image on the page. Alternatively you can press Browse your images and use your system to search the image file you want to add.

How can I add videos to my Move?

If you're a YouTube user, it's easy. Go to the Social media section in settings and enter your YouTube username on Movescount. After you have a username specified you will see your recent YouTube videos as thumbnails when you edit a Move. You can select video to be shown with the Move by clicking the thumbnail.

Why I don't have a heart rate graph in my Move?

Heart rate graphs and other body parameter graphs are currently available for Suunto Spartan, Ambit, Traverse, Quest, t6/c/d, Suunto Fitness Solution and Suunto mobile app users. There are also other solutions such as iQniter that stores heart rate graphs into Movescount. Please make sure that your watch or mobile phone is paired and connected to your heart rate belt and it is set to save heart rate related data in watch settings.

Suunto t6 Moves are missing some values

Check that all the measurements have been set "on" from your t6 settings (TRAINING-set log) or from Movescount WATCHES settings. If the measurements are set "off" the device will not measure those, and thus those are not included in the Move.

The graphs of my Suunto t6 Moves are not shown completely

If the memory of Suunto t6 gets full during a workout, the summary data is saved to the device but data for drawing the graphs cannot be saved. Due to that the graphs, e.g. heart rate graphs, are not shown completely. Remember to check regularly that there's enough memory in your device or select the "Remove sent Moves automatically from device" option from Moveslink menu by right clicking the Moveslink notification icon.

Where are my greatest Moves shown?

When viewing one of your Moves it is possible to make it your Greatest Move. You find the SHARE AS GREATEST MOVE option on top of each Move below TOOLS option. Greatest Moves are shown in your public profile and you can have maximum of 5 greatest Moves per year.

Why there can be differences between Suunto device and Movescount values?

Typically the device shows a smaller value because the data quality is sometimes not good enough to calculate accurately. The values would not accumulate/increase during such a period, resulting to a lower real time value. Movescount can partially reconstruct the bad data or estimate the correct information and calculate the values better. The discrepancies in HR values device vs Movescount are in most cases caused by low quality data transfer from HR belt. Slight differences can be then seen due to different calculating algoritms, smaller computing power in wristop and different filtering method on the raw data.

When the data quality is perfect (good skin contact with electrodes, moist skin, unhindered radio transmission between belt and wristop) there are very seldom any issues. Processing power on the HR monitor is limited compared to Movescount - this is why the calculating algorithms differ between Movescount and Suunto watches. Also, sometimes the problems are caused by different setup. So please make sure your weight, height (etc) are identical with your HR monitor and Movescount!

Even in ideal conditions we can promise about 90% accuracy which leaves a +/-10% error possibility. So the numbers should not be taken as absolute values. Due to the way how they are obtained, they are always indirect estimates.

Why I can't see my peak heart rate in Suunto t3 graph?

Because Suunto t3 does not record the entire workout beat to beat (unlike Suunto t6, Suunto Ambit and Traverse product families), the values in graphs are made using the lap average values. The peak value shown in Move details is measured at some point during the workout, but it's seldom the same as lap average.

Similarly, the average value in the graph is actually the average of the lap averages, and thus there can be a small difference compared to the total average. In order to make the graphs as precise as possible, you can set the interval value to 1 or 2 minutes or use autolap setting. This will give you a pretty accurate idea of your heart rate variation during the Move. The shorter the interval, the more precise the graph - and the more likely it is your peak HR is recorded.

How can I export my Moves?

Go to your Moves. Select the Move you wish to be exported. On top of each Move you can find TOOLS option. Below tools you can select the format for the export. Currently supported formats are kml, gpx, xlsx, fit and tcx.

I cannot find the correct activity from the list of activities. What do I do?

We have quite a selection of different activities available in Movescount but we don't have everything under the sun. If you don't find your activity from the list, try using tags for marking your Move with that activity. You can also send us feedback and ask us to add your activity.


What are tags?

Tags are keywords that are used to describe Moves, routes, training programs, groups, events etc. Tags make it easy to find or organize your Moves.

Is there a limit on the number of tags I can add to a Move?

Basically no, but it's not really wise to overdose on tags, a few useful tags are better than a list of ones you'll only use once. 

Moves summary

Why summery has sections Training Load, Rest & Recovery and Progress?

Training Load describes you how much you have been training regarding the total volume and intensity. The section of the Training Load when looking at a summary to your training from the week or month, provides you details about hours spent in different intensity zones, peak training effect, type of training you have done as well as Training Load trend. For the best possible impact in your ongoing training, you should keep your training load in a good balance with the Rest and Recovery.

The Rest and Recovery describes you how you are recovering from your training and provides insight on how much you have been investing for the recovery. For best possible outcome you should be able to balance the training load with adequate recovery to ensure your progress.

Progress is the reason to invest time in training. Progress is usually followed with sport specific values such as doing regularly a cycling FTP power test or running a cooper. It’s also possible to follow your progress by comparing the intensity via heart rate to running pace or cycling power. Better average pace with the same average heart rate is a common way to see if there is progress achieved during longer period of time.

Read more about training load and other upcoming tools in training insights in Suunto Training World.

How to use move type?

Move types are summarized when looking at your training for example from the past month or year. As you update the type into "Interval" for each of your interval runs, you are able to follow how much intervals you have done during the year. The move types are also available when planning your training sessions.

Move types are: Race, Test, Technique, Recovery, Speedwork, Strength, Longbase, Brick, Interval

What does training load mean?

To get an understanding on how much you are pushing your body, Suunto Movescount tracks your long term training load. The recovery time data from each of your exercises is calculated to produce a cumulative graph, illustrating your training load over time. Monitoring your long term training load is important from the performance perspective to make sure you train at an optimal level towards your goal. The training load trend provides you understanding of your long term load to your physiology. When you see the trend, which is going up in very fast, you should be alarmed as this can lead into overtraining. Make sure that your load is growing gradually. Spotting possible overloading from individual exercises can be difficult, making the trend graph a valuable tool. Ideally the load trend should vary, allowing your body to rest between high intensity exercises. You can monitor both your weekly and monthly training load in Suunto Movescount. Read more about Training Load and other upcoming tools in Training Insights in Suunto Training World.

How to use the feeling trend?

The feeling trend is a good tool to follow your capability to manage your training in a long term. If you start to see a decline in your feeling trend you should be alerted. The feeling for each Move can be set in the mobile app or while editing your Move in movescount.com. Read more about Rest & Recovery and other upcoming tools in training insights in Suunto Training World.

How to follow progress?

When looking at several moves selected from calendar/table/tag cloud, you are able to compare moves with various parameters. For example you get an understanding on how running pace and average heart rate have been behaving. When reaching faster average pace with the same heart rate you are getting progress.

Read more about Progress and other upcoming tools in Training Insights in Suunto Training World.

I want to follow the mileage of my running shoes. How can I add a gear in Movescount?

There is no gear input in Movescount but there are tags! When you edit your Move, you can add your running shoes, bike, gym where you were, type of the training or whatever is important to you as a tag. Using the tags allows you to see summaries from a selected tag/tags. You can use the tag cloud (click tag cloud icon on top of the calendar) to select Moves containing a specific tag. Click tag name - and ta-dah - you will see a summary with the mileage and much more.

Can I select a week/month/year to be summarized?

Yes, and that's is pretty easy too! First, open the calendar. Then select a week by clicking that small arrow on the left side of the calendar. Select a month by clicking a month name and year by clicking the year on top of the calendar.

Can I see a summary out of my running Moves only?

Yes of course. Select the running activity from the filter menu on top of the calendar and Movescount will show you the summary containing only your running Moves. You can also select multiple activities when select multiple option is activated!


How can I plan my training

You can add in calendar a planned move in the upcoming days. The simple way to add planned move is to select the "+" icon from the future days on calendar. Each planned move can have basic information such as activity type, duration, intensity, distance, type and description. The plans are synched to your watch automatically, if the watch supports plans. The plan synchronization can be checked from watch settings.

How can I take an interesting training program into use?

When you find an interesting training program from the community from Training programs open the program and click the "Save" button to save it to your training programs. Suunto Movescount will ask whether you want to start using the program now or later. Selecting now will add the program to your calendar starting today making it easy to check from the Movescount calendar what you should do on a daily basis to achieve your goals. NOTE: if you have previous plans, those will be removed when activating new training program!

How do I get a training program to my Suunto Ambit, M5 or Suunto Quest?

You can add a training program as described above. Plans you see in your calendar are used in Suunto M5 or Suunto Quest heart rate monitor. When you have plans ready, connect your device to Moveslink software. Moveslink will update your planned Moves to your heart rate monitor. You can update your plans any time, all the changes are updated to the watch during each synchronisation.

Map and heatmaps

What maps are available?

Suunto Movescount includes Suunto designed MapBox maps, Google Maps, and special map for our Chinese users. MapBox map should be your choice when planning your outdoor routes, it has the most data in it.

How heatmaps are created?

Heatmap data is generated by using the data from millions of Moves from Suunto Movescount members who have tracked their sports during the several last years with Suunto GPS devices.

Which sports are shown as heatmaps?

There is heatmaps provided for: Running, Trail Running, Cycling, Mountainbiking, Roller skiing and skating (RollerSkiing and Rollerskating), Triathlon, All walking (contains Nordic Walking and walking), All trails (contains trekking, hiking, trail running), Mountaineering, Dowhill (contains AlpineSkiing, TelemarkSkiing, Snowboarding), Ski touring, Cross-country skiing, All paddling (contains Kayaking, Canoeing, Rowing), Surf and beach (Windsurfting, StandupPaddling, Kitesurfing, Surfing), Golf

How privacy is handled with heatmaps?

We only use data from public Movescount members. Also we have a special algorithm to prevent one active person to creating lot of heat to their commute or daily walk while revealing where they might live.

Could Suunto provide heatmap for tennis or pool swimming?

We can provide heatmaps for those sports that have enough GPS track data. Pool swimming or other indoor training do not have GPS data. There is bit of GPS data logged in tennis, but this volume is too low for reasonable heatmapping.


How to select the route into Suunto watch?

While on MAP view, select the route that you would like to have in watch. When route is shown, select the route into the watch  "use in my Ambit". This also stores the route into list of your own routes.

How to edit the route?

While on the MAP view, select the route that you would like to edit. When the route is shown, select "Edit". After this you can edit the route. If the route is created by another member, you cannot edit the route, but you can make a copy of it.

How to select a route from community?

While on the map, select the route on the map. After this you are able to see the route with altitude and other key information provided by the route planner. With the route you can save it for later use, place it to the watch or create your own by making a copy.

Can I import a route to Movescount?

You can import routes to Movescount in KML and GPX format by using the MAP view. Press the plus icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to get started.

How can I add a route tracked with my mobile phone to my Move?

- Import a route in KML format by using the MAP view.
- Save the route.
- Open the Move where you want to add the route.
- In edit mode click select Route button. Select the route you just saved and you're done after saving. 

What does simplify route mean?

You can simplify the route in Movescount if it has more than 1000 track points. This is needed if you want to edit a route that has more than 1000 track points.

How can I export a route?

When viewing any of the routes in MAP you can select export route option below the route details. Movescount will ask you to select between KML or GPX format.

I don't have a GPS. Can I draw my route on a map for my move?

At the moment you can add one of your routes to your Move.
1. Create route with MAP view.
2. In Move edit mode, press "Select route" below the map. (This option is visible only if you have saved a route or routes.)
3. Select your route and save the Move.


How can I create a group?

If you are a public user you can create groups. Go to Groups. When you are signed in, you will see a "Create group" button in the top of the page. Just hit the button and follow the instructions. 

Can I join any group that I want?

You can join all public groups. Just hit the "Join group" button and join the action. However, if group description asks you not to join, please respect that wish.


How can I create an event?

If you are a public user you can create events. Go to Events. When you are signed in, you will see a "Create event" button in the top of the page. Just hit the button and follow the instructions.

Can I attend any event that I want?

You can attend all events. Just hit the "I'm attending" button and you are in. And if you're attending an event that's not listed in Movescount, just create the event by yourself and let others know about it!

Suunto Apps

What are Suunto Apps and what can I do with those?

Suunto Apps are Suunto product features that have been created by members of the Movescount community. As a Movescount member you can create totally new product features that are essential for your sports. 

How can I use Suunto App in my watch?

You can customize your Ambit or Suunto Traverse sport modes with Suunto Apps. Here's how it's done:
1. First find the App you want to use from Suunto Apps
2. Open the App and press Save. The App is added to your Apps - these Apps you can use in any of the sport modes in your Ambit or Traverse.
3. Go to your watch settings. 
4. Under Sport modes tab, pick the sport mode you want to add the App and click edit.
5. Inside the sport mode customization you'll see bunch of displays. Select the display style by using right and left arrows, then click the row where you want to add the App.
6. Pop up opens. Select My Apps tab. From there - pick the App you want to use.
7. Do the rest of the modifications and press Save.
8. Now synchronize your Suunto Ambit or Suunto Traverse and the changes are synched to your watch. 

What is Suunto App Designer and how does it work?

Suunto App Designer is an easy to use graphical tool that gives everyone the possibility to create new features. You don’t need to be a software guru for using it but registration to Movescount.com is required. You can find the Suunto App Designer from here: App Designer

How to use advanced editing?

Advanced editor allows users to utilise unique scripting language to develop their own Apps to Suunto Ambit watches. Script syntax is javascript like so it is easy to get started. For more information about the syntax and all the possibilities, please check: Suunto Apps Developer Manual

Can I link or share my App to other sites?

Yes, each App has an unique URL which always leads to the App page. You can email this URL to your friends or link it to your blog. You can also use the sharing buttons to share the cool Apps to all your friends in Facebook or Twitter (or the community you prefer). 

Who owns the Suunto App?

Suunto App is owned by the person who created it. Suunto has full rights to use it and to offer it to all the Movescount members. Suunto offers the Apps for free without any restrictions for all Movescount members. 

I’m software developer. Can I develop my own software into the Suunto Ambit?

Suunto Apps, their values and calculation logics can only be created and edited with the App Designer’s graphical user interface or with the advanced editor. A the moment we don’t offer any other tools to develop software for the Suunto Ambit or Traverse.


Can I decide what to share and what not?

Sharing is made really simple in Movescount. Public users automatically share all new Moves with others and private users don't. Currently, there is no option to set some of the Moves public and some private. 

Can I post a link to Movescount in Facebook?

Of course you can do this. Actually we like to see Movescount information spreading around the universe so much that we have deleveloped some features for sharing. You can also use Share button on top of the page when ever you think a page deserves to be shared.

I found a really cool Move from Movescount. It is not made by me; can I link to that in my blog?

Yes. You can link to any content that is publicly available in Movescount. 

How and when should I use shoutbox?

Shoutbox is an informal way to cheer on your buddies or other inspiring members in Movescount. The length is limited to 500 characters. Make somebody happy and comment on their achievement today!

How can I answer to a shout?

All the shouts you have received, e.g. to your Moves, routes, profile, are shown on your scoreboard. To reply to a shout you need to open the page where shout was given then just click the reply-link below the given shout.

Can I share one of my older Moves?

By default Movescount only shows your 10 latest Moves in your profile page. You can also share your older Moves. Just browse to the Move you want to share. You can either use the share button on top of the page or copy the URL.

Please note that you also have an option to list any one of your Moves in your profile page as a greatest Move. You can name a Move to a greatest Move when you are viewing it. SHARE AS GREATEST MOVE option can be found on top of each Move.


Why do I need to tell my weight?

Your weight as well as other personal information such as birthdate and activity level is a crucial factor when there are values from measurements calculated such as calorie consumption. Without it, you won't get any accurate data. Don't worry, your weight will not be visible to anyone else. If you are training with a heart rate monitor your weight is automatically transferred to Movescount via Moveslink. 

I don't know my maximum heart rate. What do I do?

Don't worry. When you tell your birth year to Movescount, Movescount will make an estimation of your maximum heart rate automatically. If you are training with a heart rate monitor and, during hard exercise, you reach a higher heart rate - check the peak heart rate from the Move after transferring it to Movescount and update your maximum heart rate. 

What information about me and my Moves is given to health research?

Depending on the research, given information may vary. Information can be, for example, training times per week, average calorie consumption, or heart rate graphs. Whatever it is, it will never have your identity such as username or email attached to it! Only the numbers are collected. 

Why are you asking for my Flickr or YouTube account details?

Flickr and YouTube details are optional information. If you have an account on one or both of them, you'll be able to include your latest photos or videos to your Moves easily. 

Why are you asking my home location?

This will help us to provide you personalised views. For example the views to maps are centered to you home location when drawing the routes. 

What is the target weight for Suunto M5 weight settings?

Target weight is the weight you want to reach and it's used as your target in device. This weight needs to be lower than your current weight, but in the same time needs to be over your healthy BMI value. If the value is not in this range, it's not saved to device. 

How is Activity class used?

The Activity class is asked in settings section in Body metrics. Activity class is described by how much exercise you are doing on a regular bases. The Activity class gives Movescount understanding what is your base condition. This is used when measured data from device (Suunto Ambit, Quest, t6 and Memory Belt) is analyzed in Movescount. This produces information like Peak Training Effect. 

If you know exactly your MET value (Max Performance Capability) for example based on fitness test, select matching activity level to ensure that the measured information is correctly analyzed. You can read more about Activity class or METs in Running Guidebook: Training Guidebooks

Can I use Movescount with a Mac?

Yes. You can use Movescount with your web browser with Mac or any other operating system. If you have a Suunto device you can also install the Moveslink software on your Mac to transfer all your Moves easily to Movescount. Moveslink can be used in Intel-Based Macs (for example, Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, or MacBookAir). Unfortunately Moveslink cannot be used with older Macintosh computers such as PowerPC. Mac computers made after 2006 are based on Intel processors, which are compatible with Moveslink.

Why can't I connect to my other Suunto software after Moveslink installation?

Moveslink is occupying the connection and that's why other Suunto software like DM5 can't recognize your device. You should stop Moveslink if you wish to use some other software. You can do this by right clicking the small Moveslink notification icon and choosing Quit. Next time you want to transfer Moves to Movescount make sure you have the Moveslink up and running again!

What is the small M-icon in the system tray?

That's the Moveslink! After Moveslink is installed, it will be shown in the system tray. You can click the small M-icon to open the software. If you connect your device to the computer, the software will automatically transfer your Moves to Movescount.

How do I know if there's a new Moveslink version available?

Moveslink shows system tray notification message whenever Moveslink update is available. If you are a Mac user you need to have a Growl installed to see these notifications. Growl can be downloaded from http://growl.info. Moveslink2 will automatically suggest updates both in Windows and Mac.

How do I connect Movestick Mini to Windows XP?

1. After the Moveslink application is installed, plug in Movestick Mini.
2. Found New Hardware Wizard is launched.
3. Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software? Select "No, not this time" and click "Next".
4. Select "Install the software automatically (Recommended)" and click "Next".
5. Driver is being installed.
6. Found New Hardware Wizard reports that it successfully installed Suunto Movestick Mini, click "Finish".
7. Notification area shows balloon which tells you that the new device is ready to use.

How to get Movestick Mini working with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10?

Windows installs the drivers for your Movesctick Mini automatically if you had Moveslink software installed. In case you have connected Movestick before the Moveslink installation, the drivers might not be installed. To install the drivers manually, please follow this Movestick Mini driver installation guide.

I seem to have a wrong driver for my Suunto USB cable or Movestick in Windows. Where can I download the correct driver?

You can download driver package for your device combination directly from the following links:

Why do I get “application can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” error message in OS X 10.8 and later?

Since OS X 10.8 the Mac defaults to preventing applications from unidentified developers or sources from being launched. Moveslink is created by unidentified developers (yes, that means us). Here's the fix for the App can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer error in OS X 10.8 and later.

I have a new Suunto Ambit watch to replace my older Suunto watch, what should I take into account?

If you get a Suunto Ambit to replace your Suunto Quest, t6, t6c, t6d, t4, t4c, t4d, t3, t3c, t3d, M4, M5, X9i, X9Mi, X10 or Memory Belt, you should do the following steps:
1. uninstall the Moveslink version you have been using with your old product
2. install the Moveslink2 from Connect page

This is important because Suunto Ambit won't work with older Moveslink versions. For more information see: Why there is more than one Moveslink? Which one should I use for my watch?

Why can't I use Movestick Mini and DM5 at the same?

Movestick Mini and DM5 occupy the same ports in the computer and therefore, cannot be used at the same time. It is recommended to close the Moveslink application and unplug the Movestick Mini before using DM5.

Why there is more than one Moveslink? Which one should I use for my watch?

Different Suunto watches use different technology in storing and transferring the logs. Currently there is no single Moveslink version that is compatible with all Suunto watches, but our aim is to develop one Moveslink version that can be used with all Suunto watches. Currently you can select the correct Moveslink version for your watch in the Moveslink page by clicking the image of your watch on the page.

Suunto device Moveslink Moveslink2
Traverse Collection   X
Ambit Collection   X
GPS Track POD   X
Quest + Movestick Mini X  
t3/t4 + PC POD/Movestick X  
t3/t4 + Movestick Mini X  
t6 X  
M4/M5 + PC POD/Movestick X  
M4/M5 + Movesctick Mini X  
X10 X  
Memory Belt X  

Mac users have two versions. Moveslink2 works with OS 10.9 and newer. Moveslink works with all Macs (made after 2006) that have OS 10.5 or newer.

I don't want Moveslink to open automatically. How can I disable this?

If you don't want Moveslink to be opened when you start your computer, you can disable it by deselecting option: "Start Moveslink automatically". When you want to open Moveslink, you can find it from Windows Start > All programs > Suunto > Moveslink. Or from the Applications folder in Mac.


Can I still use older Suunto PC software?

Unfortunately we cannot support anymore Suunto Training manager, Suunto Training manager lite, Trek manager and Track exporter. You can still use those, but there won't be software updates available. You can continue using the software, but in some stage there might be issues with new operating systems and we are not able to develop new software versions. Movescount is there to replace these softwares.

Supported Devices

How do I connect my Suunto device to Movescount?

You can connect your device to Movescount with Moveslink software. Moveslink will transfer the data from you device to Movescount and also transfer device settings from Movescount to your device. You can download and install the Moveslink from: Connect - Moveslink

Where can I find the latest version of Moveslink?

You can always get the latest version of Moveslink from: Connect - Moveslink. Once you have installed the Moveslink it will inform you about updates as they become available.


How do I connect my heart rate monitor to Moveslink?

First, make sure you have Moveslink running (you should be able to see a small Moveslink icon next to the small taskbar icons.) Connect your device to your computer and let the Moveslink transfer you Moves. How to connect your device to your computer, follow the steps 2 and 3 from Moveslink page: Connect - Moveslink.

Moveslink with Suunto Ambit

Use Moveslink2 software to connect your Suunto Ambit to your computer. Connect the cable to your computer's USB plug and to Ambit. Your new Moves and/or your updated settings, POI's and routes will be transferred between the watch and Movescount. Read more about this: Connect - Moveslink.

Moveslink with Suunto GPS Track POD

Use Moveslink2 software to connect your Suunto GPS Track POD to your computer. Connect the cable to your computer's USB plug and to GPS Track POD. Your new Moves will be transferred to Movescount.

Moveslink with Suunto Quest

Use Moveslink software to connect your Suunto Quest to your computer. Plug the Movestick Mini into your computer USB slot, then start the communication from your Suunto Quest. To do this, press the [START STOP] button, select WEB CONNECT by using [START STOP] or [LIGHT LOCK] buttons, and select the option with [NEXT] button. After this your new Moves and/or your updated settings will be transferred between the watch and Movescount. Read more: Connect - Moveslink.

Moveslink with Suunto t6, t6c or t6d

Use your data cable: connect the cable to your computer's USB plug and the t6. Moveslink will automatically transfer your new Moves to Movescount. Read more: Connect - Moveslink

Moveslink with Suunto M4 or M5

Use the Suunto Moveslink to connect the heart rate monitor to your computer. Plug the Movestick into your computer USB slot, then go to your heart rate monitor and start the data communication. To do this, press the [START STOP] button, select WEB CONNECT by using [START STOP] or [LIGHT LOCK] buttons, and select the option with [NEXT] button. After this your new Moves should automatically be transferred to Movescount. Read more: Connect - Moveslink

Moveslink with Suunto t4, t4c, t4d, t3, t3c or t3d

Use the Suunto Moveslink to connect the heart rate monitor to your computer. Plug the Movestick into your computer USB slot, then go to your heart rate monitor to start the data communication. To do this, go to TIME mode and then give the [VIEWS] button a long press. (In older models the VIEWS button is called Alt Back button.) After this your new Moves should automatically be transferred to Movescount. Read more: Connect - Moveslink

Why can I not modify Suunto t3 and t4 device settings in Movescount?

You are able to see the settings for these devices in Movescount. However you cannot modify these. Suunto t3 and t4 doesn't support the functionality where settings could be updated by the software.

Is Suunto X6HR supported?

Unfortunately support for Suunto X6HR in Moveslink is not currently planned.

Is Suunto X9 supported?

Only Suunto X10, x9i and X9Mi are supported in Moveslink. Unfortunately, support for Suunto X9 is not possible.

Is there some gaps in X9i/X10 features when using Movescount?

Yes. Currently you cannot transfer waypoints from Movescount to your device. Also the memorypoints that you have marked during your outdoor activity are not transfered to Movescount. The settings are transfered from Movescount to device and of course your Moves with routes that you have done should be transferred from device to Movescount.

Why Suunto Memory Belt data isn't uploaded to Movescount?

Is the date correct in your Memory Belt? IMPORTANT: If you replace the battery to Memory Belt, you have to connect the belt to Movescount before using it. This will update the correct date to the belt. If you haven't done this before doing some exercise, you should look for your Moves from year 2000. Moveslink transfers only the logs that are recorded after the last data transfer from the device.


How is the privacy working in Movescount?

When you register to Movescount you are a public member of the community. You have an option to set yourself as "Public", "Public for my groups and events", or "Private". The descriptions of these levels are the following: 

Your username and a few other details are visible to other community members. Public members automatically share the Moves they create. This means that you can also share your Moves to other sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Other users can find only some of the latest Moves by you by following the links from your activity feed. As there are millions of Moves in the service, other users can't see all your Moves that you have done.
Moves by public members can be browsed in the Community - Moves. Public members can communicate with other Movescount members, they can create or take part in groups and events and they can follow other members, provide comments and feedback to each other. You definitely get most out of the service if you are a public member. 

Public for my groups and events 
Members that are public only for groups and events share the same information as public members but only for the groups and events they belong to. Groups can be created for your company, team, fitness club or just between a bunch of friends. When you are public to groups and events, only members of the same group/event can see your latest Moves. 

Members that are private cannot share information with others. They are "invisible" members. Private users can see what's happening in the community but they cannot take part in anything fun going on. 

How can I delete my account?

If you for some reason don't want to use our service anymore and want to delete your account, it will be possible in the future. The possibility to delete a member account is in the development roadmap. Meanwhile you can easily set your profile "private" so that other members are not able to see you or your Moves.

Suunto Ambit

How do I update the software to my Suunto Ambit?

Your watch will be automatically updated if there is an update available. To get it updated:
- Install Moveslink application from Connect page.
- Connect your Ambit with USB cable to your computer. Moveslink application will check automatically for updates. If update is found, your device will be updated after your acceptance.

Do I need to register to Movescount.com to be able to update my watch?

No. You can use Moveslink application without registering to Movescount. However, Movescount extends the usability, personalization and settings options of your watch and visualises the recorded tracks and other data of your activities. Therefore joining to Movescount will utilize the full potential of your watch.

Do I need to have my Ambit in a certain mode when I transfer data between it and Movescount?

Please go to TIME mode and then plug the watch in to your computer. The data transfer is enabled in that mode only.

It seems that my Ambit syncs the time from my computer every time I plug it in with the USB-cable. Is there a way for putting that sync off?

Yes, simply right click the Moveslink icon on your task bar and you get menu in which one item is “synchronise date and time”. Click that item to toggle this setting on or off.

Ambit uses only 1000 track points for a route. Can I transfer more accurate route to my watch?

You can use any size of a route you want in your Ambit. Movescount will reduce the number of track points to approximately 1000 points using modified Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm that saves the most relevant track points of the route.

Do I need to create waypoints to see the detailed route in watch display?

No you don’t. If you don’t create waypoints Ambit automatically creates start and end points to which you can navigate but otherwise you will see the track on your watch screen.

I use a journey planner that generates an KML file. Can I transfer that file to my Ambit?

Yes, you can. Use the import function in MAP view, give the route a name and check 'use this route in watch' checkbox. Route will be sent to your watch the next time you sync it with Movescount.

I use Ambit. Why the track is not accurate on my hikes?

Suunto Ambit and Suunto Traverse can record your track by using GPS in 1 or 60 second recording interval. If 60 second interval is used, the track is recorded once per minute. 60 second recording interval is the default setting for Trekking sport mode (you can change this if you wish). This way Ambit can track longer before the battery needs to be charged but also the track will be less accurate. You might notice some corners missing which can cause the total distance to be a bit shorter than it actually was.

Suunto DM5

Why do I need to install a Mono framework with DM5?

Suunto DM5 software uses Mono framework. Mono is a software platform designed to create cross platform applications. It is an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework. You need to install a version of Mono framework for your Macintosh computer. Latest DM5 requires mono framework version 3.12 or newer. Download newest version.

Why do I get “application can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” error message in OS X 10.8 and later?

Since OS X 10.8 the Mac defaults to preventing applications from unidentified developers or sources from being launched. Mono Framework is created by unidentified developers. Here's the fix for the App can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer error in OS X 10.8 and later.

Why I can't connect to my dive computer?

Suunto DM5 and Moveslink software are both using the same ports. To connect DM5 and your dive computer please close Moveslink software and remove PC POD / USB data cable. When you want to connect some other Suunto device with Moveslink, you should close DM5 software and run Moveslink.


How can I merge the track recorded with the POD to another Move?

If you're using Suunto Track POD together with e.g. Suunto Quest you can manually add the track to the Move recorded with Quest. What to do:
1. Select the Move where you want to add the track. This is the Quest Move
2. Select TOOLS - MERGE option on top of the Move (option is active only if there is a Move available for merging. This is the Move made with GPS Track POD containing a track)
3. Movescount will propose merging, you still need to accept it. You can also decide whether you want to keep the original Move with track or not (usually you shouldn't keep it to avoid duplicates).

iPhone and Android Apps

How do I send Moves from the Mobile App to Movescount?

To be able to send your Moves from iPhone or Anroid app to Movescount please do the following steps:
1. Connect the app to your Suunto Movescount account by using the same address you are already using in Movescount. If you are a new user, use the address you wish to use to log in the Movescount.com.
2. Allow the connection.
3. Ready! Just go out and track your Move and it will be saved to your Suunto Movescount account.

How can I merge iPhone Move to another Move?

If you have 2 Moves made at the same time and only other one contains a track it is possible to merge the Moves. What to do:
1. Select the Move where you want to add the track
2. Select TOOLS - MERGE option on top of the Move (option is active only if there is a Move available for merging)
3. Movescount will propose merging, you still need to accept it. You can also decide whether you want to keep the original Move with track or not (usually you shouldn't keep it to avoid duplicates).

How do I sync my watch with Movescount by using the App?

You can synchronize your Suunto Ambit or Suunto Traverse watches by using the Movescount mobile app on your iPhone or Android phone. To do this tap the settings button and pair your watch with the app. Synchronisation starts automatically after pairing.


Does it cost anything to use Movescount?

Nope. It's free.


What is required to run Movescount.com?

Suunto Movescount works with various browsers. We suggest that you use always the latest version of the browsers, since the speed of the site will be slower on older browsers and some of the functionality may not be available. You should also enable JavaScript and cookies.

How to enable Javascripts?

Here is small guide for various browsers. If you need more information how to setup your browser please go to Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome home page.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
1. Open Internet Options from the browser's Tools menu.
2. Select the Security tab.
3. Choose Custom Level in Security Level for this Zone.
3. Enable Active Scripting.

1. Open Options from the browser's Tools menu.
2. Select the Content tab.
3. Select Enable JavaScript.

1. Open Preference from the browser's menu.
2. Select the Security tab.
3. Check the JavaScript.

1. Right click the Google Chrome icon in your desktop, then click Properties.
2. Click Shortcut tab.
3. Ensure that Target field doesn't have "-disable-javascript"

How to enable Cookies?

Cookies also needs to be enabled in the browser. Here is short description on how to enable cookies.

Google Chrome
For Windows
1.Open the Tools menu.
2.Select Options.
3.Select the Under the Hood tab.
4.Select Content settings in the "Privacy".
5.Allow cookies

Ensure "Allow local data to be set" is selected to allow both first-party and third-party cookies. For any given webpage, first-party cookies are cookies that are set by the site domain listed in the address bar. Third-party cookies come from other domain sources that have items, such as ads or images, embedded on the page. If you only want to accept first-party cookies, select the "Block all third-party cookies without exception" checkbox.

For Mac
1. Select Chrome > Preferences on the menu bar.
2. Select the Under the Hood tab.
3. Select Content settings in the "Privacy" section.
4. Allow cookies

Ensure "Allow local data to be set" is selected to allow both first-party and third-party cookies. For any given webpage, first-party cookies are cookies that are set by the site domain listed in the address bar. Third-party cookies come from other domain sources that have items, such as ads or images, embedded on the page. If you only want to accept first-party cookies, select the "Block all third-party cookies without exception" checkbox.

1. Open the Tools menu. (On a Mac, click the Firefox menu.)
2. Select Options. (On a Mac, select Preferences.)
3. Select the Privacy tab.
4. Select the "Accept cookies from sites" checkbox.
5. Click the OK button.

Internet Explorer
1. Open the Tools menu.
2. Select Internet Options.
3. Select the Privacy tab.
4. Select the Default button (or manually slide the bar down to "Medium").
5. Click the OK button.

1. Open the Safari menu.
2. Select Preferences.
3. Select Security.
4. In the "Accept Cookies" section, select Always.

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