Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR - ??af??? - S?µµ??f?s?

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR Οδηγός Χρήσης - 2.0





??a t?? pa???t??, ? Suunto Oy d????e? ?t? ? ?ad??f?????? e??p??sµ?? t?p?? OW163 s?µµ??f??eta? µe t?? ?d???a 2014/53/??. ?? p???e? ?e?µe?? t?? d???s?? s?µµ??f?s?? ?? d?at??eta? st?? a??????? ??e?t?????? t?p??es?a:

S?µµ??f?s? µe t??? ?a???e? FCC

? s?s?e?? a?t? s?µµ??f??eta? µe t? ????? 15 t?? ?a????? FCC. ? ?e?t?????a ?p??e?ta? st??? e??? d?? ?????:

(1) ? pa???sa s?s?e?? de? p???a?e? ep?ß?aße?? pa?eµß???? ?a?

(2) ? pa???sa s?s?e?? p??pe? ?a d??eta? ?p??esd?p?te pa?eµß????, s?µpe???aµßa??µ???? pa?eµß???? p?? e?d??eta? ?a p???a??s??? a?ep???µ?t? ?e?t?????a. ??t? t? p????? ??e? d???µaste? ?ts?, ?ste ?a s?µµ??f??eta? µe ta p??t?pa FCC ?a? p??????eta? ??a ???s? st? sp?t? ? st? ??afe??.

?? a??a??? ? ?? t??p?p???se?? p?? de? ????? ??ße? t? ??t? ?????s? t?? Suunto µp????? ?a a????s??? t?? e???s??d?t?s? sa? ?a ?e????este a?t?? t? s?s?e?? s?µf??a µe t??? ?a????sµ??? FCC.

S????OS?: ? e??p??sµ?? a?t?? ??e? e?e???e? ?a? d?ap?st????e ?t? s?µµ??f??eta? st??? pe?????sµ??? ??a ??f?a??? s?s?e??? ???s?? ?, s?µf??a µe t? µ???? 15 t?? ?a????? FCC. ??t?? ?? pe?????sµ?? d?aµ??f????a? ??a ?a pa?????? e????? p??stas?a ??a?t? ep?ß?aß?? pa?eµß???? se ??p??a ast??? e??at?stas?. ??t?? ? e??p??sµ?? pa???e?, ???s?µ?p??e? ?a? µp??e? ?a e?p?µ?e? e????e?a ?ad??s????t?t?? ?a?, a? de? e??a? e??atest?µ???? ?a? de? ???s?µ?p??e?ta? s?µf??a µe t?? ?d???e?, µp??e? ?a p???a??se? ep?ß?aße?? pa?eµß???? st?? t??ep????????e?. Ost?s?, de? ?p???e? ?aµ?a e????s? ?t? de? ?a ?p?????? pa?eµß???? se ??p??a s???e???µ??? e??at?stas?. ?? ? e??p??sµ?? p???a?e? p???µat? ep?ß?aße?? pa?eµß???? st? ???? ?ad??f???? ? t??e???se??, ?? ?p??e? µp????? ?a d?ap?st????? ape?e???p????ta? ?a? e?e???p????ta? ?a?? t?? e??p??sµ?, p??te????µe st?? ???st? ?a p??spa??se? ?a ??se? t? ??t?µa t?? pa?eµß???? ?????ta? ??a ? pe??ss?te?a ap? ta pa?a??t? ß?µata:

  • ?a epa?ap??sa?at???se? ? ?a µeta????se? t?? ?e?a?a ?????.
  • ?a a???se? t?? ap?stas? µeta?? t?? e??p??sµ?? ?a? t?? d??t?.
  • ?a s??d?se? t?? e??p??sµ? se p???a d??t??? d?af??et???? ap? e?e??? st? ?p??? e??a? s??dedeµ???? ? d??t??.
  • S?µß???e?te?te t?? p??µ??e?t? ? ??p???? ?µpe??? te????? ?ad??f????/t??e???se?? ??a ß???e?a.


? pa???sa s?s?e?? s?µµ??f??eta? µe ta e?e??e?a ade?a? p??t?pa RSS t?? ß??µ??a??a? t?? ?a?ad?. ? ?e?t?????a ?p??e?ta? st??? e??? d?? ?????:

(1) ? pa???sa s?s?e?? de? p???a?e? pa?eµß???? ?a?

(2) ? pa???sa s?s?e?? p??pe? ?a d??eta? ?p??esd?p?te pa?eµß????, s?µpe???aµßa??µ???? pa?eµß???? p?? e?d??eta? ?a p???a??s??? a?ep???µ?t? ?e?t?????a t?? s?s?e???.


The operation of this equipment is subject to the following two conditions: (1) it is possible that this equipment or device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this equipment or device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the equipment or device.