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Suunto Ambit2 S User Guide - 2.0

Suunto Apps

Suunto Apps allow you to further customize your Suunto Ambit2 S. Visit Suunto App Zone in Movescount to find Apps, such as various timers and counters, available for your use. If you cannot find what you need, create your own App with Suunto App Designer. You can create Apps, for example, for calculating your estimated marathon result, or the slope grade of your skiing route.

To add Suunto Apps to your Suunto Ambit2 S:

  1. Go to the PLAN & CREATE section in Movescount community and select App Zone to browse existing Suunto Apps. To create your own App, go to the PLAN & CREATE section of your profile and select App Designer.
  2. Add Suunto App to a sport mode. Connect your Suunto Ambit2 S to your Movescount account to synchronize Suunto App to the watch. The added Suunto App will show the result of its calculation while you exercise.

You can add up to five Suunto Apps to each sport mode.