Suunto EON Steel - Features - Surface and no-fly time
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Suunto EON Steel User Guide - 1.6

Surface and no-fly time

Surface and no-fly time

After a dive, Suunto EON Steel displays surface time since the previous dive and a countdown time for recommended no-fly time. During the no-fly time, flying or traveling to higher altitude should be avoided.

Surf NoFly

No-fly time is always at least 12 hours and equals desaturation time when it is more than 12 hours. For desaturation times shorter than 70 minutes, no no-fly time is displayed.

If decompression is omitted during a dive so that Suunto EON Steel enters permanent error mode (see Algorithm lock), the no-fly time is always 48 hours. Similarly, if dive is done in gauge mode (bottom timer), the no-fly time is 48 hours.


YOU ARE ADVISED TO AVOID FLYING ANY TIME THE COMPUTER COUNTS DOWN THE NO-FLY TIME. ALWAYS ACTIVATE THE COMPUTER TO CHECK THE REMAINING NO-FLY TIME PRIOR TO FLYING! Flying or traveling to a higher altitude within the no-fly time can greatly increase the risk of DCS. Review the recommendations given by Divers Alert Network (DAN). There can never be a flying-after-diving rule that is guaranteed to completely prevent decompression sickness!