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Suunto Traverse User Guide - 2.0


display icons Traverse

The following icons are displayed in Suunto Traverse:

icon alarm Traversealarm
icon altimeter Traversealtimeter
icon barometer Traversebarometer
icon battery Traversebattery
icon bluetooth TraverseBluetooth
icon lock Traversebutton lock
icon button-press Traversebutton press indicators
icon displays Traversecurrent display
icon down-decrease Traversedown/decrease
icon flashlight Traverseflashlight
icon signal TraverseGPS signal strength
icon hr Traverseheart rate
icon highest pointhighest point
icon incomingcall Traverseincoming call
icon lowest pointlowest point
icon message Traversemessage/notification
icon missedcall Traversemissed call
icon next-confirm Traversenext/confirm
icon pair Traversepairing
icon settings Traversesettings
icon sportmode Traversesport mode
icon storm Traversestorm
icon sunrise Traversesunrise
icon sunset Traversesunset
icon up-increase Traverseup/increase

POI icons

The following POI icons are available in Suunto Traverse:

icon begin Traversebegin
icon building Traversebuilding/home
icon camp Traversecamp/camping
icon car Traversecar/parking
icon cave Traversecave
icon crossroad Traversecrossroad
icon emergencyemergency
icon end Traverseend
icon food Traversefood/restaurant/cafe
icon forest Traverseforest
icon geo Traversegeocache
icon infoinfo
icon hotel Traverselodging/hostel/hotel
icon meadow Traversemeadow
icon mountain Traversemountain/hill/valley/cliff
icon road Traverseroad/trail
icon rock Traverserock
icon sight Traversesight
icon water Traversewater/waterfall/river/lake/coast
icon waypoint Traversewaypoint