Suunto Traverse software update 1.5, December 2015

Suunto Traverse software update 1.5, December 2015

Among other news and improvements, the addition of GLONASS satellite system strengthens the functionality of the watch through the SW update 1.5.4.

Software updates enhance the functionality of the Traverse GPS watches through new features and improvements. If updates are available, you are notified through Moveslink on your computer. We encourage you to install updates as soon as they are available.

Addition of GLONASS

GLONASS, the Russian satellite system, is now fully supported by Traverse. You may select to activate GLONASS in addition to GPS. Activating GLONASS may have an effect on battery life. GLONASS can be activated and deactivated at any time, even during a recording.

Step count overview

Step Count can now be activated as a separate display. Step count information includes daily steps, as well as an overview of weekly, monthly and yearly trends. Also the accuracy of the step count algorithm has been improved. Steps values are not yet visible in Movescount or in the Movescount Mobile App.

Route preview and route altitude profile

You may now check the altitude profile and see route preview of a stored track in navigation logbook.

Waypoint approaching notifications

If your route contains waypoints, you will now receive alerts when approaching waypoints along the route. Also the POI closest to your location is visible in the navigation view.

Instructions on how to update your Suunto Traverse.