What are the limitations in using Suunto app and Movescount together?
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What are the limitations in using Suunto app and Movescount together?

At the moment we see one limitation when using Suunto app and Movescount at the same time:


Synchronizing routes


Suunto App provides a convenient route planning tool which allows you to synchronize your routes to your Suunto Spartan. When synchronizing a route with Suunto app to your Spartan, your watch connects to Suunto App. After syncing, you will not be able to sync your Moves with Suunto Movescount from then on. We recommend to continue using Suunto Movescount to synchronize Routes to your Spartan watch unless Suunto App has become your chosen digital service.


In case you synched a route with Suunto app and would like to continue using Movescount, restoring your watch settings to default values in Movescount may reset the connection between your watch and Suunto app: 

  1. Open Movescount.
  2. Navigate to Me >> Watches >> My watches and select your watch from the list.
  3. Click the Restore default values button.
  4. Connect your watch and wait until SuuntoLink opens. 
  5. In SuuntoLink, open settings via the cog icon. 
  6. Select Watches and click Sync settings now to update your watch.

Note: Restoring default value will delete moves which have not been synced from your watch. To not lose your moves, sync your moves with Suunto app and then restore your watch to default values.


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