Enjoy your dives even more with Suunto dive instruments

Enjoy your dives even more

Enjoy your dives even more

Top 3 reasons to own a dive computer

Makes diving effortless by guiding you the safe way to dive

  • Your own dive computer is set up according to your personal preferences.
  • You get reliable feedback during the dive so you can dive with more confidence.

Allows you to maximize your time enjoying the marine life

  • The dive computer does all the complicated calculations for you.
  • Enjoy your underwater experience longer compared to dive tables.

An easy way to record and share your underwater adventures

  • The dive computer is your personal logbook!
  • Relive and share the experience by adding your dive logs to digital services like Suunto Movescount.


How to choose the right Suunto dive computer for you?

Image: Petteri Viljakainen

I want
simply the best for all diving

  • Color display
  • Rechargeable battery
  • User-updatable software

My dive computer: Suunto EON Steel


Image: Jukka Saarikorpi

I want
advanced features and robustness

  • Air integration
  • Compass
  • Multiple gas mixes

My dive computer: Suunto DX, Suunto D6i, Suunto Vyper Novo, Suunto Cobra3


Image: Predrag Vuckovic

I want
diving simplified

  • Easy to use and read
  • Key diving features with air, nitrox and free dive modes
  • Dive logbook

My dive computer: Suunto D4i, Suunto Zoop Novo