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Suunto D5 User Guide

How to install and pair a Suunto Tank POD

To install and pair a Suunto Tank POD:

  1. Install the Tank POD as described in the Tank POD quick guide or in the Tank POD user guide.
  2. After installing the Tank POD and opening the valve, wait for the green LED on the Tank POD to flash.
  3. If your Suunto D5 has a blank screen, press any key to activate it.
  4. Use proximity pairing: Hold your Suunto D5 close to the Tank POD. Make sure you follow the instructions in Tank POD alignment section of the Tank POD user guide.
  5. After a few seconds, a menu pops up on the screen showing the Tank POD serial number, battery status and the tank pressure. Select the correct gas from the list to pair with your device and press the middle button to confirm pairing.

    POD confirm pairing D5


The battery level indication shown when pairing the Tank POD is an approximation only.

  1. Repeat the procedure above for additional Tank PODs and select different gases for each POD.

Alternatively, you can pair the Suunto Tank POD(s) from the menu:

  1. In the Gases menu, select the gas you want your Tank POD to pair with.

    POD pair D5

  2. Make sure the Tank POD has been activated by ensuring there is tank pressure reading in screen and that it is within range. In the menu, the Tank POD is identified by the serial number printed on the Tank POD.

In the dive main views, only one tank pressure is shown and corresponds to the active gas. When you change gas, the displayed tank pressure changes accordingly.


If there are several divers using Tank PODs, always check before you dive that the POD number of your selected gas corresponds to the serial number on your POD.


You can find the serial number on the metal base and also on the cover of the Tank POD.

tankpod serial number new


Remove pressure from the Tank POD when not diving to save battery life. Close the tank valve and release the pressure from the regulator.

To unpair and remove your Tank POD from a specific gas using proximity:

  1. Hold your Tank POD close to your dive computer in tank pressure view:


  2. Scroll to the gas you want to remove your Tank POD from:


  3. Select Unpair:


  4. Your Tank POD is removed from the selected gas list:


To unpair and remove your Tank POD from a specific gas through the menu:

  1. Select the gas you want to remove the Tank POD from in the Gases menu:


  2. Select the Tank POD you want to remove (check the serial number):


  3. Select Unpair:


  4. Your Tank POD is removed from the selected gas list:


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