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Suunto EON Core User Guide

Before you dive

Make sure that you fully understand the use, displays and limitations of your dive instruments. If you have any questions about this manual or dive computer, contact your Suunto dealer before diving. Always remember that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!

This dive computer is intended for use with compressed air only. Do not use with any other type of scuba diving. The compressed air supply must comply wtih EU standard EN12021:2014 requirements.

Before leaving on a dive trip, it is highly recommended that inspect your dive computer closely to make sure everything is functioning properly.

At the dive site, you should perform your manual checks before entering the water.

For the dive computer, ensure that:

  1. Suunto EON Core is in the correct mode and the display is working as expected.
  2. Altitude setting is correct.
  3. Personal setting is correct.
  4. Deepstops are set correctly.
  5. Unit system is correct.
  6. Compass is calibrated. Start the calibration manually to also confirm that the dive computer audible sounds are working. After successful calibration, you should here a sound.
  7. The battery is fully charged.
  8. All primary and backup gauges for time, pressure and depth, both digital and mechanical, are showing correct, consistent readings.
  9. If Suunto Tank PODs are in use, connections are working and gas selections are correct.