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Dozens of sport services are compatible with Suunto Movescount

Dozens of sport services are compatible with Suunto Movescount

16 May 2017

Did you know that you can also use your Suunto watch and your Suunto Movescount account together with many 3rd party sport services? Sync your Moves to Strava, analyse your training in Training Peaks and more. Here are some of the popular options. And remember, the list keeps on growing.

Movescount compatible services


Strava, a sports community for athletes all over the world, lets you experience social fitness – connecting and competing with others via mobile and online apps. Join on-going run and ride challenges and compare your performance on segments against your own past efforts as well as other athletes.

Connect your Movescount profile to your Strava account to transfer Moves to Strava. Any Move with GPS data can be transferred automatically. Activate the connection in your Movescount settings (Movescount–Settings–Other sport services).

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Used by world class teams, athletes, and coaches, TrainingPeaks is on the cutting edge of training with data. Log your workouts, plan your season, and analyze your heart rate, power, pace and other data. Make analysis informed training decisions and measure your progress over time.

Connect your Movescount profile to your TrainingPeaks account to transfer Moves to TrainingPeaks automatically. Activate the connection in your Movescount settings (Movescount–Settings–Other sport services).

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Sports Tracker

With Sports Tracker you can discover new places, learn from the pros and connect with friends to cheer each other on. Explore the community’s latest workouts and training photos both in the app and online, and of course, share your own to join in the inspiration.

To use Sports Tracker with your Suunto watch, connect your Movescount profile to your Sports Tracker account and get your Moves automatically transferred. Activate the connection in your Movescount settings (Movescount–Settings–Other sport services)

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Map MyFitness

MapMyFitness is a health and fitness technology company that powers a large social network of fitness enthusiasts. In the Map MyFitness family you can find applications like MapMyRun, MapMyRide, MapMyWalk, MapMyTri and MapMyHike.

You can track your Moves with your Suunto GPS watch and get them synced to your Map MyFitness account.

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Sportlyzer is a training management software for sports clubs. Coaches can manage all of their athletes in a single application: create digital athlete profiles, plan and analyze training, publish training schedules on clubs' websites, and track attendance and monthly membership fees.

For athletes Sportlyzer is a place to log and analyze their training, injuries and daily metrics, and build a network of friends to share and discuss training with.

The training you log with your Suunto can be available in Sportlyzer.

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rubiTrack is a running, cycling and fitness software for OSX and iOS. You can view your activities on a map and analyze and compare the data using the chart and data views. All activities are grouped, sorted and included in various statistics automatically. rubiTrack also helps you manage your sports equipment and keeps detailed track of health data such as weight and other body measures.

One of the interesting features of rubiTrack is that it stores the data locally on your Mac for fast access even when offline.

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Codoon is a Chinese sports application which combines both a sports tracking tool and a sports community in one platform. While you enjoy exercising, you also can acquire professional information about general sports, running, fitness and even racing event information (both marathon & cycling).

After connecting your Movescount account to Codoon your sports data will automatically sync to the service.

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Migu Xempower is an advanced online and offline exercise and health management platform founded in China. The online Migu Xempower APP is a state of the art exercise and running application, with built-in features allowing unprecedented diversity in how it is used.

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Tulipsport is a running and cycling app from China. You can use the app to track your runs and rides with GPS, join running, riding or triathlon clubs, share your activities and make new friends. You can sync your Tulipsport account with popular devices and applications including Suunto Movescount, Garmin, Polar, Bryton, GoLife, TomTom, Epson, Runkeeper, Endomondo, Runtastic, Apple Health etc.

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Joyrun is a running app from China. You can use the app to record your runs or sync your Joyrun account with Suunto Movescount and use your Suunto watch to collect the data. The app features GPS recording, professional sport data analysis, training programs and more.

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HeiaHeia lets you log all kinds of activities, keep a training log for yourself, as well as share activities with others. HeiaHeia’s social features – sharing, cheering, commenting, and groups – make physical activity more social and fun.

You can sync your Movescount Moves with Heiaheia by enabling the connection in Heiaheia (under ‘Wearable devices’).

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FunBeat is an independent social fitness log that has been selected the best website within Health & Exercise in Sweden by Internet World in 2012 and Top 100 in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013. The heart of FunBeat is their forum and the social feed where you get a great overview of how you compare with your friends.

You can sync your Movescount Moves with Funbeat.

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And there’s more – many more

Suunto Movescount is compatible with dozens of 3rd party apps and services. Here are 12 more. For help with the 3rd party services, contact their support teams.

  • 2Peak Dynamic Training Plans
  • Discovery Vitality
  • Finnair Plus
  • Firstbeat Sports
  • iQniter Cardio Training
  • iSmoothRun
  • MX Activity Mover
  • Preva Networked Fitness
  • RunGap
  • Running Heroes
  • Stryd PowerCenter
  • Suunto DM5

Learn how to import training data from other sport services to Movescount

Do you have training data in other sport services and would like to import it to Suunto Movescount? Here you can find three 3rd party services that do just that.