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What are the limitations in using Suunto app and Movescount together?

Currently the following limitations exist when using Suunto app and Movescount at the same time:

  • Synchronizing routes
  • Synchronizing custom sport modes


The Suunto app provides a convenient route planning tool which allows you to synchronize your routes to your Suunto watch. In addition, the Suunto app allows you to create custom sport modes and personalize layouts and data of single exercise displays.

When synchronizing a route or custom sport mode with the Suunto app to your watch, your watch connects to Suunto app. After syncing, you will not be able to sync your activities with Suunto Movescount app and web from then on. In addition, SuuntoLink may have issues connecting to your watch and will not synchronize your workouts with Suunto Movescount.

We recommend using Suunto app to synchronize routes and custom sport modes to your Suunto watch if it has become your primary digital service.

If you synced a route or custom sport mode with Suunto app and would like to continue using Movescount, you will need to restore your watch settings to default values via SuuntoLink:

  1. Connect your watch to the computer using the Suunto USB cable.
  2. Click the cog icon and open Watches.
  3. Click Reset all setting under your watch and confirm.
  4. Click Reset watch.

Note: Restoring default values will erase exercise data that has not synced to Suunto app from your watch. To not lose your exercise data, sync your watch with the Suunto app first and then restore your watch to default values.

Note: It is not enough to delete the route(s) created with the Suunto app from your watch. Once the app is used to write data in the watch, only restoring your watch settings to default values resets the connection.