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Cycling with Suunto


We ride to reach the unknown side of town, the other side of the mountain, the almost unrideable distance – and beyond. We ride because we are curious. We ride for the experience.

On this page you will find an overview of Suunto’s comprehensive offering for cyclists. Enjoy the ride!


Chase your dreams with confidence

Suunto offers you the tools to find, plan and navigate your rides near and far. With a Suunto GPS watch or a Suunto compatible Hammerhead Karoo 2 bike computer, Suunto app and the key cycling accessories you are equipped for smart, data rich rides anywhere, anytime!

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Be ready for the challenge

Suunto helps you build the strength and endurance needed to reach your cycling goals. We have solutions for you from planning your training to executing it on your bike and analyzing it afterwards. You can work by yourself, with a coach or even benefit from some advanced, AI-based training technology from our partners!

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Personalize your riding experience

A bike is such a versatile creation, that it’s no wonder some call it the freedom pony. You can ride however you like from gravel roads to bike commutes and mountain bike trails to epic bike packing trips – and Suunto will be there supporting you by your side.

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Find the right tools for you

Whether you prefer to ride with a GPS watch, a bike computer or both, we have a solution for you. Durability and versatility are the great advantages of Suunto GPS watches and the Karoo 2 bike computer shines with its big, bright display. See below what suits your needs best!

Best watches for cycling

Suunto 9 Peak

All Black

Small and sleek multisport watch for smaller wrists.

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Suunto 9 Baro


Rough and tough outdoor sports watch.

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Compare Suunto 9 Peak Pro, Suunto 5 Peak and Suunto 9 Baro to learn what are their main differences and which model is best for you.


Best gear for cycling


Suunto Bike Mount for all Suunto Sports Watches

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Accurate and comfortable multisport heart rate belt

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Measure speed, distance and cadence on your rides

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Spare parts for Suunto Bike Sensor

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An introduction to diving: your body below the 0m line

We've conquered all the territories above 0m and under. In this article, we set out to show you and explain what happens in your body as you descend into the big blue world. 

Getting started with our partner ecosystem

Our partners bring even more value to the Suunto watches and redefine your experience with a sports watch.


How to track activity and recovery with Suunto 3 Fitness

Training alone won’t make you healthy and fit. You also need enough rest to recover. Learn how Suunto 3 can help you track your daily activity levels and your sleep.


How to use Suunto 3 Fitness adaptive training guidance

Exercising with Suunto 3 Fitness is easy. Based on your personal profile and recorded exercises, the watch creates a 7-day training plan with optimal duration and intensity for each exercise to maintain, improve or boost your aerobic fitness. Read on and learn how to use adaptive training guidance.


Getting started with Suunto 3 Fitness

Got a new Suunto 3 Fitness? Here’s what you’ll need to know to get started smoothly and effectively with your new watch.


Suunto’s Climb Guidance prepares you for the terrain ahead

Want to know what kind of terrain you will face when heading into hilly or mountainous areas? The Climb Guidance in the Suunto app and Suunto watches is here to help!

SuuntoRun | SuuntoRide | SuuntoClimb | SuuntoSki

The Historic Quest of Bike2Eiger

Join Suunto ambassador Philipp Reiter and his friend Martin Schidlowski as they retrace a historic journey to the Eiger North Face in their film, Bike2Eiger.

SuuntoRide | SuuntoClimb

Get ready for a gravel race!

Nordic Gravel Series team member, rider and coach Joonas Henttala gives his essential tips for a successful gravel race.


Community-powered training tunes

We asked the Suunto community for your favorite training music. Here’s what you listen to as two Spotify playlists!

SuuntoRun | SuuntoRide | SuuntoClimb

Connect your Suunto with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting

Want to know what gears you use and monitor the battery on your electronic shifting? Read on and learn how – and why – to connect your Suunto with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting.


View your e-bike data on your Suunto watch

Are you riding an e-bike with your Suunto? Now you can connect your watch with SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS bicycles. Learn how to do it!