22 November 2016

Suunto and Team Betty Join Hands to Provide Technology Solution to Hundreds of Multisport Athletes

Betty Designs

Suunto, a global leader in sport watches, dive computers and precision instruments, is joining hands with Team Betty to power the team’s triathletes and cyclists with its award-winning Spartan collection of connected GPS watches.

"The Bettys are tech-savvy athletes who are always looking for the best products to enhance their training and athletic lifestyles. Suunto's award-winning sport watches not only stand up to the rigors of endurance sports, but they look stylish off the race course, too," says Kristin Mayer, owner and designer at Betty Designs.

Mayer founded Betty Designs in 2010 in order to fill a void in the women’s endurance sports market with apparel that empowers multisport athletes to be both strong and beautiful. An extension of that brand, Team Betty offers a space for athletes to join together and support each other on and off the race course. The Team Betty spirit encourages a strong, athletic group of women who keep fitness, fun and fashion at the forefront—powerful alone, but together unstoppable.

In addition to being elite and ambitious amateur competitors in triathlons, running, swimming and cycling, Team Betty athletes also strive to be role models in the community by participating in local charity programs and events, as well as encouraging women of all shapes, sizes, ages and athletic abilities to feel confident and powerful in their own skin.

“This is really about the caliber of the roster Team Betty has put together - all female, all charging hard in their own way. This partnership is part of a new approach to grassroots marketing for Suunto. We’re thrilled for the opportunity to work with an exciting brand like Betty Designs and a solid base of 200 women who believe in our product,” says Bryson White, the Americas Marketing Manager at Suunto.

With the introduction of the new Spartan line of multisport GPS watches, which feature up to 26 hours of in-activity battery life and triathlon-specific data displays, including swimming heart rate, Suunto is perfectly positioned to provide Team Betty athletes the technology they need to perform at the highest level.