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Suunto 9 User Guide - 2.1

SuuntoPlus™ - Ghost runner

The Ghost runner feature helps you pace yourself during your run by setting a target pace for the ghost runner and showing your distance to the ghost runner along your run.

To use Ghost runner with Suunto 9:

  1. Before you start an exercise recording, swipe up or press the lower button to open the sport mode options.
  2. Scroll to and tap SuuntoPlus™ features or press the middle button.
  3. Scroll to and tap Ghost runner or press the middle button.
  4. Optionally, set a distance or duration target for your run (in the sport mode options).
  5. Scroll up to the start view and start your exercise as normal.
  6. During exercise, swipe left or press the middle button until you reach the Ghost runner display to view Ghost runner insights.

Target distance or duration:
Optional setting. Adjusts a target distance in km or miles or a target duration for the run. This enables the finish time/distance estimate calculation during the run. Target is set in the sport mode options. The finish estimation is shown on the bottom row on the display during the run.

Ghost Runner-SuuntoPlus

The Ghost runner insights also shows the following:

Target pace

The lop left corner shows the target pace for current run as determined automatically based on first kilometer/half mile or by your latest manual lap average pace. Before locking your target pace in beginning of the run this field will show the average pace that eventually will become your target pace.

Current pace

The top right corner shows your current pace.


The value in the middle shows the distance to the virtual Ghost runner that is moving with the determined target pace. A positive value means that you currently are ahead of the virtual Ghost runner.

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