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Suunto Traverse Alpha User Guide - 2.0

Movescount mobile app

Movescount mobile app

With the Suunto Movescount App, you can further enrich your Suunto Traverse Alpha experience. Pair with the mobile app to get notifications on your Suunto Traverse Alpha, change settings and customize sport modes on the go, use your mobile device as a second display, take pictures with data from your move, and create a Suunto Movie.


With any Move that is stored in Suunto Movescount, you can add pictures as well as create a Suunto Movie using Suunto Movescount App.

To pair with Suunto Movescount App:

  1. Download and install the app from iTunes App Store or Google Play. The app description includes the latest compatibility information.
  2. Start Suunto Movescount App and turn on Bluetooth if it is not on already.
  3. Tap the settings icon in the upper right corner and then tap the '+' watch icon to start Bluetooth searching in the app.
  4. On the watch, keep NEXT pressed to enter the options menu.
  5. Scroll to CONNECTIVITY with LIGHT and select with NEXT.
  6. Press NEXT to enter the Pair menu and press NEXT again to select MobileApp.
  7. Enter the passkey shown on your watch display into the paring request field on your mobile device and tap PAIR. Pairing may vary on Android phones. You may get additional pop-ups before getting to the passkey request.

You can change your Suunto Traverse Alpha general settings offline. Customizing sport modes and keeping time, date and GPS satellite data up to date require an internet connection over Wi-Fi or mobile network. Carrier data connection fees may apply.

Syncing with mobile app

If you have paired your Suunto Traverse Alpha with Suunto Movescount App, changes in settings, sport modes, and new logs are automatically synced by default when the Bluetooth connection is active. The Bluetooth icon on your Suunto Traverse Alpha flashes when data is being synced.

Unsynced logs recorded with your Suunto Traverse Alpha are listed in the app, but you cannot view the log details until they are synced with your Suunto Movescount account. Activities that you record with the app are immediately viewable.

If your mobile device has an active data connection and your app is connected to your Suunto Movescount account, settings and logs are synced with your account when automatic syncing is on. If there is no data connection, syncing is delayed until a connection is available.


Carrier data connection fees may apply when syncing between Suunto Movescount App and Suunto Movescount.

This default setting can be changed from the options menu if you have paired your watch with the mobile app.

To turn off automatic syncing:

  1. Keep NEXT pressed to enter the options menu.
  2. Scroll to CONNECTIVITY with LIGHT and select with NEXT.
  3. Press NEXT again to enter the MobileApp sync setting.
  4. Toggle off with LIGHT and keep NEXT pressed to exit.

When automatic syncing is off, you cannot get or view notifications on your watch.