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Suunto Vertical keeps evolving

SuuntoRun — 16 noviembre 2023

Follow the latest updates and developments of your Suunto Vertical GPS watch and enjoy it to its full potential.

On this page you can see in a timeline view how your Suunto Vertical has evolved since it was launched in June 2023.

To always have the latest watch software, we recommend you enable automatic, over the air software updates in the watch settings. Also, make sure you are using the latest version of Suunto app for iOS or for Android.

You can find dozens of SuuntoPlus sports apps in Suunto mobile app’s SuuntoPlus Store and the ever-growing list of Suunto compatible partner services is here.


March 2024

  • The new Vertical Week sports app was published to SuuntoPlus Store. The SuuntoPlus Vertical Week sports app can be used to track the total elevation gain of multiple workouts during the week. Learn more about Suunto World Vertical Week 2024.  
  • Pace your mountain races with SuuntoPlus Vertical Race sports app. The Vertical Race sports app is designed to be used on vertical races. Set you race distance, vertical meters and goal time and follow the pace data live on your Suunto. 
  • Follow and improve your running technique with Stryd SuuntoPlus sports app. The Stryd sensor provides data such as ground contact time, vertical oscillation, leg stiffness and impact loading rate. Read more about improving your running technique with Suunto and Stryd here 
  • For ultrarunners, there is now an Ultrarun& walk SuuntoPlus sports app that will track how much one runs, walks, or stays still on the race. The app helps you to pace & analyse long efforts. This sports app has been built by trailrunner Alessio Sclocco who is also part of Suunto fieldtest community.  
  • A software update for Suunto Vertical, Suunto Race and Suunto 9 Peak Pro was released. The update delivered three new watch faces, better support for emojis in mobile notifications and a pause reminder.  
  • The update also provided navigation enhancements with improved high contrast map style for use with always on display and a new ruler tool to measure distances on map to nearby locations.  
  • Suunto app was updated with performance improvements to data sync between watch and Suunto app and a user interface change to how workout summary values are shown in the app. 
  • New Suunto connected partner services include Base de Vitesse aimed for surfers and sailors, Be Number one sport for competing in your sports, MoveEffect aimed for corporate health and Mia Health to engage in your fitness journey.   
  • You can find the latest list of partners from here 


February 2024

The new Winter map layer in Suunto app

  • New Winter maps map layer with downhill and cross-country skiing tracks came available in Suunto app to help you find the best places to ski.
  • Waypoint import was improved for GPX route import with better waypoint compatibility with route planning services.
  • Training Zone Summary now shows swim pace, average power and normalised power.
  • Performance improvements to data sync between watch and Suunto app
  • Suuntoplus Power Zones and Pace Zones sports apps were published for runners and riders. Now you can follow the cumulative time in each zone and see which zone you currently are working out.
  • Suunto is now compatible Xioami MiFitness. Xiaomi users can now connect their devices with Suunto via Mifitness app. This gives the possibility to use Suunto app tools as well as get conntected with Suunto ecosystem. Read more here


January 2024

  • Race with the new SuuntoPlus Race Pacer sports app. Set your target distance and time with even or negative splits. 
  • Now you can follow your Runna training plans in your Suunto watch 
  • FIT-UP app is now suunto compatible, designed for fitness, nutrition and mindfulness 
  • Suunto app calendar view now includes date numbers, offering a clearer overview of your training schedule. 
  • New interactivity in Suunto app route planning: touch the altitude profile chart to see corresponding locations on the map. 
  • Sleep analysis in Suunto app has been upgraded to support multiple naps within a single day, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of your rest patterns. 
  • Switching between the data table and graph in Suunto app’s Training Zone Summary is now more intuitive and user-friendly. 
  • Suunto app now remembers your last used settings for feed filtering (All/Me/Following) and your preferred Training Zone tab and graph types, making your experience more personalized and efficient. 
  • In the Training Zone Summary, selecting categories like All running sports, All cycling sports, and All swimming sports is now simpler. You can choose these categories without having to select each sport individually. 
  • We've fixed formatting issues in SuuntoPlus data, ensuring more accurate and readable information. 
  • We have also made several other bug fixes and performance improvements to ensure a smoother and more reliable experience. 


December 2023

Better Training analysis  

  • Suunto app’s Lap Table now features color-coded columns. Variations from the median lap values are highlighted in shades of red and blue. This color-coding makes it easier to spot laps where your performance was significantly higher or lower than median. 
  • We’ve introduced zone graphs for Pace and Power in the workout analysis. These graphs are complemented by a distribution view of pace and power zones, providing a more intuitive understanding of your workout intensities. 
  • With Training Zone Summary you can now visualize your selected data through a graph. Summary also includes filters for both automatically and manually tagged workouts. For added convenience in filtering, options such as “All running” or “All cycling” are available, enabling you to select all activities under these categories effortlessly. 

Plan your adventures with Suunto App 

  • Suunto App Route planning has received new features: the ability to reverse planned routes and the addition of “Back to Start” and “Backtrack” options, enhancing your planning capabilities. 

User experience enhanced. 

  • New defaults Sport apps preinstalled to sport modes. When you, as an example, start your tennis workout, it already has tennis sport app, and weight training has Gym Timer. 
  • Suunto App has now streamlined the recovery features by combining the Recovery and Sleep tabs into a single, unified Recovery tab, simplifying access to your recovery and sleep data 
  • Celebrate the end of the year with your achievements with Annual report in Suunto app and share the updated yearly summary also in story format (9:16). 

Get more out of your sports with new partners 

  • RaceID miles partner app gets Suunto compatible 
  • Runology running technique video analysis gets Suunto compatible 
  • Runredeem is now Suunto compatible with their loyalty program customers 
  • Surlo app for sailing and other water sports gets Suunto connected 
  • Get more out of your Indoor cycling training with Suunto compatible ICTtrainer 
  • Ride with BMC companion app which is now Suunto compatible 


November 2023

Training, recovery and progress come to your watch, including Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Measure Heart rate variability (HRV) to optimize your recovery.

  • Follow training load and volume with training widgets in your watch. 
  • Follow recovery status from training with TSB and feeling in your watch.
  • Measure Heart rate variability (HRV) to optimize your recovery. 
  • Follow your progress with chronic training load (CTL) widget. 
  • Get Suunto Coach comments in training widgets.
  • Exercise with new rope skipping activity type.

Read more:

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Must-read articles that guide you into Suunto’s world of training 


The watch now fits better to your daily life 

  • New UI structure with mini widgets  
  • Customization of the widgets using Suunto app: Select the widgets you want to have on your watch and change the order they are shown.
  • Improved the watch user interface speed 
  • A higher zoom level on the maps
  • ‘Find my phone’ feature on your watch 
  • Do not disturb mode 
  • New media controls 
  • Multiple alarms 


New connections

  • KML file import in Suunto app
  • Suunto Vitality compatibility now includes AIA Malaysia


October 2023

Better Training analysis 

  • Follow the training impacts of workouts in Suunto app 
  • SuuntoPlus Vertical race segment guide available in SuuntoPlus Store for Malaysian Suunto fans.


Enhanced user experience

  • The Suunto App home screen can now be filtered with all, me or following. 
  • New, colourful Suunto accessory straps 


September 2023 

New tools to understand you training impact and intensity 

  • Training summary: A tool to analyse & find your key workouts in Suunto app. Go to Training Zone tab and check the Summary.  
  • Movement: Track your movements with wrist acceleration to follow the overall workout intensity. Gets you the insights of rapid efforts. 
  • Heart rate zones: Follow the cumulative time spent on different heart rate zones on one screen. Great to keep the intensity on target. 
  • Fused zones: Shows which intensity zone you are currently in, looking at different intensity metrics and based on that evaluating the best matching as a result.
  • Peak Pace: Track the peak pace efforts on your run.
  • Peak power: Track the hard sprints and efforts on your wrist.

Plan better  

  • Interval planner: Use the Interval planner in Suunto app now with all activity types.

Prepare for optimal race 

  • Race nutrition: Plan your race nutrition and get reminders right on your Suunto. 
  • Race companion: A simple, customizable tool that shows you the key information during a race. 
  • Backyard ultra: Race companion for Backyard Ultra racers. Follow each 6.7km loop and keep track of the laps – and when to go next!

Get most out of your sport 

  • Gym Timer: Follow the recovery time between the sets. Adjust as needed and then go again.
  • Score – Golf: Count each strike and measure the distance of the drives with the Golf Score sport app. 
  • Score – Tennis: Keep count of the game score on your wrist. 
  • Score – Soccer: Keep up with the game score and get alerted with the half time. 
  • Score – Badminton: Keep up with the badminton game score. 
  • Score counter: Counter for any game. Play with 1–4 players and keep the results on your wrist. 

Learn more: Discover dozens of SuuntoPlus sport apps for your Suunto 


July 2023

New sensor compatibility

  • Connect your Suunto with a sensor to follow your muscle oxygen levels. The data will also be available in after analysis. 


June 2023 

Strava updates

Get more out of your sports 

  • Surfer: Count each wave surfed automatically. Each wave is also stored as laps in your surf session. 
  • Running economy: Follow the running economy with heartrate vs. pace. Running economy is illustrated with a beats/km value. 
  • Shoe Tester: Follow test protocol to test different shoes to see which are the fastest for you. 
  • Disc Golf: Keep track of each disc golf throw and see the distance thrown. 

Get ready for the outdoors 

  • Weather forecast sports app: Keep the forecasted weather on our wrist while doing the long ride or hike. 
  • ICE: Store your emergency information on your wrist. If you don’t move the watch, it will start an alert to draw attention to the info.
  • Relief Maps: Gets Suunto connected with 3d maps and live data sharing for outdoor enthusiast. 
  • Join challenges with Uprace App  
  • Race in Virtual Races Tackitup app 
  • Suunto Weekend Adventure collections published in Komoot