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Suunto Dive Shoot

How does a week in a tropical dive location with fun people from all over the world sound like?

We are looking for a bunch of inspiring recreational divers to join in a photo/video shoot and create stories with us in a tropical location at the end of June 2018.

You could be the one, if you…

  • Enjoy exploring, are open-minded and lead an adventurous lifestyle with a positive attitude
  • Are comfortable being and speaking in front of a camera, and are fluent in English
  • Are an experienced scuba diver and/or a freediver with at least an Advanced Open Water Diver certificate or Advanced Freediver (Level 2), bonus is if you’re a dive master or instructor
  • Have a minimum of 50 dives (scuba) and good diving skills and buoyancy control
  • Have been diving in the past 2 years
  • Have an interest towards marine conservation and wildlife
  • Are able to travel between 23th of June - 8th of July
  • Speak English fluently

What you get…

  • Flights and accommodation in a beautiful tropical location
  • An unforgettable experience with new friends from around the world
  • To admire the marine wildlife and do something good for the environment
  • A brand new Suunto dive computer

Apply by the 1st of June 2018 by filling out a form on and sharing a video on Instagram and/or Facebook, where you introduce yourself and tell why you would love to join us! 

Posting a video to social media is required to participate in the contest.

The most inspiring stories will be chosen! Even if you’re not among the lucky ones to go on the trip, you can still be in with a chance to win a Suunto dive computer, so apply now!

Make sure you share your video with the hashtags #SuuntoDive and #SuuntoDiveShoot and that your post is public so we can find it.