Suunto Inside February 2014  

Hill to climb

Greg Hill has set himself an audacious challenge for March. The Canadian ski-mountaineer, who famously skied 2 million vertical feet (610,000m) in 2010 (that's up, as well as down) is to go one better next month. He plans to ski 100,000m in 31 days. “It will be a month of pounding vertical in remote areas”, he says.

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New Colors for Suunto M2

Fancy a twist of lime? Two fresh new colors are now available for the Suunto M2 fitness watch — Lime and Black/Lime. The Suunto M2 offers real time heart rate monitoring and calorie counting, making it the easy way to monitor your training. The two new variants add a splash of color to the range.

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Shooting Mexican rapids

Mexico is fast becoming the go-to destination for extreme kayakers looking for unexplored rivers and big waterfalls to drop. Irishman Ciarán Heurteau has recently returned from riding wild rapids and dropping waterfalls in the region.

 Check out the adrenaline-charged video clip and the full story




New Track/Route features in Movescount

To make the most out of Movescount, we’ve added a set of new track/route features in the recent updates.

You can now create a Route directly from a Move, add a pre-planned Route to a Move, add a location to a Move that has no track, or plan a route that follows common running or cycling paths. Moreover, you can search existing Routes using the improved route search functionality.

 Check the latest Routes from Movescount


In the deep blue of the Azores, a freediver watches in awe as a mobula ray 'flies' overhead. This month's calendar image, shot by underwater photographer George Karbus, should come with a warning — downloading it to your desktop will leave you staring in wonder and dreaming of diving.

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