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Vertical Week competition winners

SuuntoRun — 25 mars 2022

See our three favorite community stories from a week of uphill.

One of the reasons we’ve continued pushing World Vertical Week every year since its inauguration in 2016 is because it brings out the best in our Suunto community. People get outside more and push themselves, and many do some truly big days.

The World Vertical Week competition captures some of the best of it. We look forward to scrolling through all the images the community shares and tags via #verticalweek. Thanks to everyone who participated in this spring 2022 edition.

As always, we selected three winners who will each receive a Suunto 9 Peak. Congratulations!

And the winners are …

Everesting the Bastille in Grenoble

You can’t get a much bigger day than what @danielott_atalps pulled off in Grenoble, France. He competed in the second edition of the Everstille 2022 and was one of four people who climbed the Bastille hill above the city 33 times, adding to 8848 m, the height of Mt Everest.

“I read about Suunto vertical week last year and was fascinated by the concept of trying to accumulate as much elevation as possible,” Daniel says. “I wanted to participate then, but it always fell on the week of my exams, so I couldn't participate. This year, I was thrilled that the Everstille, the everesting race I did, fell in the time frame of the vertical week, so I signed up immediately.

“Everestille is a race organized by Tri-Haut, an association based in Grenoble that aims to improve the waste management in the Khumbu Region below Everest. The goal of the race is to run the Bastille, as many times as possible.”

Love in the Swedish mountains

Mother Nature turned it on for @josefintrogen on a ski trip in the Sälen ski resort in Sweden. It was the first time she participated in World Vertical Week and probably won’t be her last.

“We went cross-country skiing and downhill-skiing and it was a perfect weekend with sunshine, snow and what we call ‘Sweden’s fifth season’ or ‘spring-winter’,” Josefin explains. “It basically means there’s still enough snow to go skiing without problems, but warm enough to ski in a base layer only (this weekend it was about +10°C). Every day we bought soup for lunch and made a couch in the snow to enjoy it out in the sun before continuing our tour.”

Passionate mum and daughter skimo team

Her first Vertical Week, @monivieregg took her six-year-old daughter out into the Bavarian mountains on a skimo tour. The ascent is always challenging because Monika has a small frame and pulling her 20 kg daughter up the mountain behind takes everything she’s got.

“We life very close to the Alps and the tour in the pic was at a former ski slope, called Blickner Alm at the Hochfelln,” Monika says. “My daughter really loves skiing uphill and she did a very, very good job downhill. At every carve she did I could hear a ‘hui’, ‘nice’ and ‘yipee’. She had a few falls, but after every one she got up and told me nothing happened, ‘keep going faster I want to ski on’. We both are really satisfied after a tour and we look forward to the next one.”