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How do I get the most out of the battery modes of Suunto 5?

Suunto 5 provides two predefined battery modes – Performance and Endurance. When starting an exercise, the Performance mode is activated by default. If you define a custom battery mode, the custom mode will be activated by default. You can quickly switch modes by pressing the upper right button while in the exercise start display.

The battery modes have the following settings, which can be viewed below the exercise start display, under Options > Battery modes. Here you can as well create a custom battery mode for the sport mode you selected.

Note: Custom battery modes are always specific for one sport mode. This means you can define a separate custom mode for each sport.

Note: When using Endurance mode, make sure to use a heart rate belt to get heart rate data for your exercise. Learn how to pair a belt in the user guide for your product


battery mode-performance.png    battery mode-endurance.png    battery mode-custom.png


To better understand the battery-saving concept of your Suunto 5 – especially for setting a custom mode – we created a list of settings and features with their impact on battery life:

High impact on battery life

  • GPS accuracy Best
    To save battery: Set accuracy to Good.

Medium impact on battery life

  • GPS accuracy Good or OK
  • Display always on.
    To save battery: Set a Display timeout after 10 seconds.
  • Wrist HR on.
    To save battery: Use a chest HR belt.

Additional battery saving tips:

  • Backlight ON has a high impact on battery life.
    To save battery: Set the Backlight toggle to normal (toggle is grey) in the Options menu.
  • Low surrounding temperatures may shorten the battery life of your watch.