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10 must-read Suunto articles from 2020

SuuntoRun — 8 prosinca 2020

Peruse these at your leisure and get a dose of inspiration.

Just like training, a little reading everyday goes a long way. And reading about training, about adventure, and about how to improve your core skill set keeps the fire of inspiration and discipline burning.

So bookmark this article, and next time you’re in recovery mode and feel like you need a boost, flop on the couch and peruse at your leisure. You’ll find yourself itching for your next big training session or adventure.


Pau Capell (above) went after his own record on the UTMB trail this year.

Welcome to the season of the FKT

It’s been one heck of a year. But despite the disruption and the tragedy caused by the pandemic athletes and adventurers, like most of us, have had to adapt, and find new ways to keep the show on the road. With races cancelled, many have turned to fashioning their own personal adventures, including going after fastest known time (FKT) records on the world’s iconic trails. Read on to find out about the 2020 FKT phenomena.


Professional Xterra triathlete Karsten Madsen on his Everesting attempt. © @matthew.tongue

No races? Conquer your own Everest?

Another way athletes, particularly triathletes, have kept themselves busy and motivated is by scaling their own Everests. We talked to one Suunto athlete about this phenomena and found out how cool it is.


© Kelvin Trautman / Red Bull Content Pool

The benefits of training to music and making your best playlist

This year we’ve spoken to DJs about music and movement, and how they find the balance. Each DJ artist or group put together a playlist on Suunto’s Spotify channel, with each playlist designed to support easy, medium, intense workouts, or to vibe with your mornings, evenings and nights. We also found out about the benefits of working out to music and how to make the pitch perfect playlist.

Get Suunto's playlists to work out to here.


© Philipp Reiter

Start your path to mountain navigation mastery here

Aiming to spend more time in the mountains? Then make sure to study our series on wayfinding in the mountains. Put together by Suunto’s navigator-in-chief, Terho Lahtinen, an elite adventure racer, these articles look at the core skills needed to become a competent navigator in big terrain.


© Kilian Jornet

Finding the balance: Emelie Forsberg’s 7 motherhood tips for running mums

Suunto ambassador and skyrunning champion Emelie Forsberg has transitioned from full time athlete to full time mum. She’s had some trial and error as she’s tried to find a balance between training and performing, and being a totally present and awesome mum. We caught up with her and found out what she’s learned along the way.


William is the first person to swim underwater across a major channel. 

5 steps to therapeutic breathing to combat COVID-19

Suunto ambassador and world champion freediver William Trubridge knows a thing or two about breathing techniques and caring for the lungs. Breathing exercises, whether from the yogic pranayama tradition or from physiotherapy, are key aspects of freediving training. Concerned about the impact of COVID-19, William put his considerable research skills to work and discovered therapeutic breathing can go a long way to help with the healing process. Read on for his five steps.


8 tools for tracking the weather with Suunto

Knowing what’s up with the weather is a question of personal responsibility and safety for outdoor people. Even more so if you’re heading out with a group under your care. Fortunately, the days of having to poke around online to put together a picture are gone; now, thanks to smart tech and apps, high definition weather intel gets beamed straight to your device. Read on to make sure you have all the tools at your disposal.


Know your species of cloud

A little like bontanical knowledge, knowing the various species of clouds is more than just a geeky fascination; it can keep you and your group safe. Each species of cloud is telling you something, indicating what’s going on in the environment around you. We talked to Sarvesh Garimella, the chief scientist and COO at MyRadar about cloud identification and what to look out for.


Michael Arend coaches ultra and marathon runners, as well as triathletes and ski mountaineers.

How to adapt your training when the unexpected strikes

This year has been all about doing our best to adapt to the disruption caused by COVID-19. Given humans are creatures of habit, adapting isn’t always that easy. Oftentimes we hold on tight to our previous way of doing things until we have no choice but to let go. We talked to professional running and ultra marathon coach Michael Arend about how to adapt training when life blows up and you find yourself looking at the wreckage of your well laid plans.


Planning a route from scratch is just one of the many route planning options on Suunto app.


Six ways to plan a route for your next adventure

Whether Suunto or via our partners, we have ensured our users have a fist full of ways to plan their adventures. There’s something to be said for carefully planning an unknown route in advance and then going out to explore it. That’s what adventure is all about.


Lead images: Philipp Reiter