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Dream Traverse Video Contest Finalists: Do Things Always and Wintry China Dream

SuuntoRun — 19 ottobre 2015

Here are the next two Dream Traverse Video Contest finalists! Vote for your favorite video to make its creator's dream come true. View all the videos and choose your winner at

Three Suunto Traverse outdoor watches will be raffled among all voters.


Finalist number three is Kuba Krause from Poznań, Poland. He is an accountant living in a big city in a flat region of the country.

“I have a job which is totally abstract and separated from the "real life". Outdoor activities allow me to reconnect with the nature, the physical world full of vibrant life. I love to feel my heart pounding on a steep ascent, delight my eyes with the view from a high pass or a summit and feel the wind on my face when I hit the downhill. It makes me feel alive and free,” Kuba says.

Kuba’s dream adventure takes him to the green island of Madeira. He wants to hike the trail between the island’s two highest peaks, Pico Ruivo and Pico Arieiro. The hike offers some of the most spectacular mountain scenery on the island but isn't one for the faint-hearted, or for those who are afraid of heights – which Kuba is!

“I want to challenge myself because this is when we get to know ourselves and change ourselves for the better. I don't need to set records or do something no one has ever done before. All the reward would be to see the ocean from the mountain tops and the smiling face of my family when I return home.”


The fourth finalist in the Dream Traverse Video Contest is an ecologist, cultural anthropologist and educator Gerald Zhang-Schmidt from Austria.

“The outdoors is my inspiration and my meditation. When everything seems just too complicated – and my work on finding solutions to problems we may not even know we have tends to get pretty complicated – I move and I remember what it means to live. I move and everything but the motion falls away. The inspiration and the memory, however, remain and motivate,” Gerald explains.

Gerald’s dream traverse destination is China, which is becoming his second home. Yet he feels that the huge country still holds many more fascinating places to discover, to get to know better and to tell others about.

“From the Wild Great Wall north of Beijing and the Buddhist temples of Beijing to the spicy-hot cooking Sichuan, China is such a fascinating country to traverse.”

“Whether on foot, by train or even by plane, there are interesting observations to be made everywhere, and on my traverse, I would like to range far – as you can see in the video – right around the time of Chinese and Tibetan New Year.

There are foods, there are views, and there are distances to cover and people to get close to.”


Get to know the other candidates:


Go to, watch the videos and vote for your favorite. Three Suunto Traverse outdoor watches will be raffled among all voters.