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Surviving Northern Nights Under the Pole

Sports — 11 marzo 2015

As the Under the Pole team journey up Greenland’s coast they battle through howling storms and fast-freezing seas, but it’s all worth it for the spectacular scenes above and below the ice. Click the video below to see for yourself:


Winter has truly visited Greenland, where a group of French explorers and scientists have been sailing up the west coast. After battling through a 14 hour storm – complete with mini icebergs bashing against the side of the boat – and spending New Year in the harbor town of Uummannaq, the team continue up the coast until the ice becomes too thick to sail any further.

After two days of waiting, the sea around their boat freezes enough to walk and sled across, much to the joy of Kayak, the team’s Siberian husky. But the real reward comes after dark, when the team are able to dive under the ice itself, and get to witness the northern lights flickering behind the WHY (the team’s yacht).

 “We’ve only just started to explore but still we had so much fun,” says Ghislain Bardout, expedition chief. “Then to come out and see the northern lights and the “WHY”,  I think is as nice as the dive itself.”

The Under The Pole team has also released an educational video on the northern lights (Aurora Borealis), which you can view here.

Turns out it’s not caused by the spirits of the dead playing soccer with a walrus skull…

Main image: © Lucas Santucci / Under The Pole