How do I pair my Suunto Ambit3, Traverse or Traverse Alpha with Suunto app for iOS?

Learn how to pair your Suunto Ambit3, Traverse or Traverse Alpha Collection watch with Suunto app.

As some of the steps will require actions on the app, you can open the same FAQ article on our website.


Prepare your Suunto watch for pairing:

If your watch has been paired with another mobile app e.g. Suunto Movescount App, unpair your watch as follows:

  1. Ensure you have the latest software installed on your watch. Please connect your watch to Moveslink2 and check if an update is available for your watch.
  2. On your watch:
    Traverse: Open Options menu > Connectivity > Pair > Mobile App. Select Unpair.
    Ambit3: Open Options menu > Pair > MobileApp. Select Unpair.
  3. On your phone:
    Open Movescount App and tap the watch icon on the top right of the screen. In the watch state view, tap Details in the upper left corner, and then select the Forget button.


  4. In your mobile device settings, go to Bluetooth and remove your watch from the list of connected devices by tapping the info-icon and then Forget this device.

  5. Un-install Movescount App from your phone.
  6. Restart your phone.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend having both Suunto app and Movescount app installed on the same phone as it will cause problems with your watch, and app connectivity. Learn more about how to use Suunto app and Suunto Movescount together


Pairing with Suunto app:

  1. Ensure you use the latest version of Suunto app. Please check App Store if there is an app update available and install it.
  2. Open Suunto app on your phone and tap the ‘watch’ icon to enter the Watch view.

  3. Start the pairing on your watch:
    Traverse: Open Options menu > Connectivity > Pair and select Mobile App.
    Ambit3: Open Options menu > Pair and select Mobile App.
  4. When your Suunto watch appears in the list of watches tap PAIR. If more than one watch is listed, select your watch based on the serial number shown at the backside of your watch.

    Pairing Ambit3 or Traverse with Suunto app

  5. Enter the passkey shown on your watch into the pairing request field on your mobile device and tap PAIR.

    Passkey notification when pairing Ambit3 or Traverse with Suunto app.

  6. Wait for the pairing to complete. This may take a moment.
  7. To synchronize your workouts and optimize your watch’s GPS, tap Sync now. This may take several minutes up to several hours depending on the amount of un-synced logs on your watch.
    Note: After a few minutes of inactivity, your Ambit3 / Traverse will activate the power saving mode which will turn off Bluetooth and pause the sync. The log synchronization will continue once you wake up your watch.

    Ambit3 or Traverse connected to Suunto app

  8. Suunto app will ask permission to send notifications to your watch to see incoming calls and messages. Please ensure as well on your watch that notifications are enabled:
    Ambit3: Open Options menu > Connectivity > Settings > Notifications > On.
    Traverse: This option is only available after pairing your watch with Suunto app
    Open Options menu > Connectivity > Notifications > On.